Druidry Pointers

Anyone got any recommendations for reading on druidic practice?
As old as or authentic as you can get. To my understanding much of their original practice is lost, but any sort of help would be appreciated.


@Lady_Eva has this.

Good luck

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Go directly to the ADF or OBOD websites!!

ADF https://www.adf.org/

OBOD https://www.druidry.org/

A Druid Way https://adruidway.wordpress.com/

Somehow this site won’t let me make hyperlinks atm, sorry. I was a member of ADF many years ago now. Ask me anything but ask in PM please. Good luck.

Some books I’ve read and still have are…

The Druids by Peter Berresford Ellis
The Book of Druidry by Ross Nichols
The Druid Way by Philip Carr-Gomm
Celtic Lore by Ward Rutherford


The Gallic Wars by Julius Caesar written about 54 BC and Pliny’s the Elder’s Natural History. Pliny lived from
23-79 CE. Both are available on line for free.

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