Drugs and Magick

Hey all. Just wanted to hear everyone’s thoughts on the use of drugs in magic. I personally enjoy crystal meth as it helps strengthen my spiritual powers and realigns my inner faculties. Makes prayer crafting and magic a lot more enjoyable is what I’ve found. But I don’t recommend it for everyone because, as you know, it can have a dark side if not done with the proper experience and knowledge. Just wanted to know what you guys thought. Thanks!

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Have you tried using the forum’s search function?

There are at least a half dozen threads about this topic.

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Oh ok, I will do that. Thanks

try shrooms and cannabis combined with a ritual and then meditation your sure to open up spiritually and sure to learn things atleast thats how it would be for me but everyone is different also dont use drugs everytime you ritual or meditation because if you did the drug every time youd associate the feeling of the drug to rituals instead of associating ritual with the spirit

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