Driving someone out of a job or life

I want to hear all the ways you all have driven someone out of a job or out of your life in general. I have decided my company would be best served by the absence of a money-hemorrhaging twat, and i desire ideas and options. The more colorful, the better, but all ideas will be considered. Untested ideas are as welcome as tried-and-true methods.

If this kind of topic already exists elsewhere, link me there and i will move!

Are you strong? Kiss your biceps and magickally get rid of them. But really, after all the magick talked about on this forum, what is keeping you from doing what everyone else does? You should be able to do your baneful magick “wham bam” like that. You make it sound like you are dealing with someone that is more powerful than you =)

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No, i was actually looking for creative ideas. I could easily (oh holy SHIT easily) get her tossed out by even mundane means. I’m looking for something spectacular that she can effectively blame on herself.

Thanks for the insults though, they are well understood [edit] and filed appropriately


Not meaning to insult you. I’m just trying to figure out why you are asking this, as I know you aren’t exactly a newbie =) Is it that you want to make it look like you had nothing to do with it?

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The most interesting way is to get her to believe that she is at fault here.

This could be, just off the top of my head:

  • feeling as if she doesn’t belong
  • feels incompetent
  • feels outclassed, like if she has no chance or future with the company
  • feels sad and hurt everytime she goes to work

I call this baneful inner works (just my personal jargon) - works that could be used to change yourself for the better, turned baneful and against someone else.

Another interesting option would be to turn her aura into an aura of repulsiveness. Every person she comes in contact will find her repulsive and would want to get away from her.

Hope this gives you a few ideas. :wink:


@Anastasiya I have a novel concept.
Instead of making her feel depressed/outclassed/incompetent, instead make her overly confident and feel like she can do no wrong. She might be a bit more intolerable for a short while, but it will end spectacularly.

If done right, she will be the arbiter of her own undoing.

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I’m perfectly willing to be a tool in her destruction, but i don’t really want to look like i have a vendetta against her. She considers me a teacher’s pet of sorts, and my direct involvement might give her a loophole.

@Anziel_Merkaba she already is overconfident and routinely weasels out of the consequences of her actual incompetence. Our mutual boss hasn’t seen it yet because he is doing the work of 3 people. The idea could still work, but i feel like an addition of forgetfulness might help the destruction.

@anon20147451 she actually is already utterly repulsive to everyone here. She is avoided like an actual plague as much as possible.

Actually, with both ideas in mind, i wonder if it would be effective to increase her internal unwillingness to work and also increase her external show of arrogance.

Now, to throw in another tidbit about her- her home life is FUCKING FUCKED and it is actually her own fault. What kind of colorful ways can that be turned to my advantage, do you all think?


I don’t want to spell it out but let’s just say creativity with lust and love spells can do more than just attracting a special someone to the operators life.

Talk to Sitri and Asmoday.

Also I don’t know about you but I personally love it when there’s scandal and drama…as long as I’m not involved in it.

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What the other guy said. Use her confidence. Its like dangling a Banana in Front of a Monkey… “Monkey want a banana?” (screeching chimp sounds). You entice and lead her on. But like all magick, you must be strong enough. So in my opinion it is bad to work against her Strength which is her confidence when you could just simply use it by redirecting it.


This right here is what I’m looking for. This is a spectacular and creative concrete method for driving her out.

@Laith_wavey, you have given me a wonderful idea!

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Just wondering do you have to ruin her life? Any other options?
I deal with all sorts of people every single day. Some of them are really discusting, trouble makers, even dangerous.
My reason is that my life is my creation, I invited them in my life, so they reflect my nature.
I know it’s off the topic, I apologize - could you help me understand the benefits of baneful magick?
Maybe you could help me.
Thank you.

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That is actually one of the best and most well-considered questions I’ve seen around in a long time, @DavidSmith

The answer in this case is many-fold. I’m not going to try to ruin her life, I’m looking for a colorful way to get her out of my own life. She can do as she pleases, but not in my yard anymore, if that makes sense. Sure, there are other ways to accomplish this, but I’m also looking to flex my magickal muscle a little, so to speak. I’m thinking of it like being a bouncer, and she has already refused too many chances to act civilized.

The part of your question that i truly love is your statement about choosing the people around you and the idea of them being your reflections. This is WHOLLY TRUE. If i am to act like a God, then i must accept that i make my reality, including choosing the people around me. This woman is indeed a reflection of me- in my mind, she represents my laziness, my whining, and my utter and willful incompetence. Having her in my life is allowing those qualities to slowly seep into my being. That must not be allowed to continue. I will absolutely not allow myself to become that, not even a little. Sending her out of my life will also serve to send those qualities out of my being. I am a God, and from my own perspective, when she is gone from me, i can move on as though she winked out of existence.

Does that make sense? Thank you SO MUCH for asking that, off-topic or not!


Thank you!
Of course, it does make so much sense. I just can say that it resonates with me 100%. It’s really interesting how understandable your point is.
I’ll start to think about that approach seriously.
Very helpful indeed!


I sat back and burned him in very uncomfortable things. I stuffed tea lights full of hoodoo and other things. I stood back and watched the chaos from the back seat and before I knew it he was gone.

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Easiest way I have found to rid myself of toxic people is to banish them outright. Never tried aiming this at one person though.

Ussally I will set this up where i live but it should be adaptable for work space just fine.

The basic idea is 4 sigils are charged placed or hung in the cardinal directions inside the home/building, then 4 more sigils are charged and buried in the cardinal points on perimeter of the property.

I talked about the result a bit here

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Sorry for my uncommon type of viewing this stuff, but what you describe sounds a Little more like removing yourself from the weak, not the weak from you. - Hitting water is difficult. Carving a new river can be quite easy for a God. :wink:



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I see that there are two ways of looking at the baseline situation, but I’m not sure how you can interpret this solution as removing myself from the weak. I thought i was clear that i wanted her gone and i wanted to remain. If i had decided to find a new job because of her, then yes, i would be removing myself from the weak.

No harshness intended at all, i have a lot of respect for you, @Yberion , i just dont understand your statement in this matter

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Death Magick would be a great thing to do. When success comes it’s like nothing else. You’ll also have some experience under your belt so you can do it again, but quicker.

Alternatively, if you can sit yourself in her physical chair/seat/wherever it is she actually sits and Magickally shit out a mixture of your hatred and alienation into where she sits; feel it leaving your anus and soaking into the chair - when she sits down she’ll feel that energy. And it’ll fuck her up.

You could energise a crystal and post it to her, but why not use your arsehole?



I’m just suggesting that if you use your victim as a Death Magick practice piece you’ll be able to do it again but quicker. Your current victim won’t kill you, but your next victim might. That’s why you should practice on her, now.

Seriously, there’s a superabundance of miserable, vapid, morally repugnant, little turds. One less isn’t going to have any effect – except for you! And the effect is liberating, because after success has been achieved there really is no turning back. I’m hoping that soon you won’t have to trust me on that.

As a personal practice I always make it very clear that I want My fucktard victims deaths on My soul! I fucking deserve it!

That said, I didn’t make a Magickal career out of knocking off people. It takes a lot of work. The hot-flush perspiration is a sign of success.