Dripping sweat during rituals. Does this happen to you?

Since my magical practice began 6 or so years ago I’ve had reoccurring reaction to rituals and meditation. About 8 out of 10 rituals I perform within 5 minutes my back starts pouring sweat even if the room is cold. The same thing happens if I do an intense chackra meditation. Does this happen to anyone else?

It’s your body’s reaction to the intense build up of energy. Working out and strengthening the body should lessen this somewhat.

My temperature also increases with rituals.

yup same to me, I get hot while on rituals… erhm, you get the point. About sweating while on practices, I do specially in the summer when I’m in a closed room, but that’s quite normal

Its NORMAL if you’re doing it right.
Its also charged full of your energy when its fresh so
its great as a ritual item or to bind, also a “kicker” for
Lust/money workings.