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Hey peoples, I’m Gabriel I’m 18yrs old and I live in Miami,Florida.
I am interested in sigil magick, planetary magick, Folk magick, and Goetic magick. I try to walk the middle path as I believe we should work with positive energy as well as negative energy to fully reach our potential thus representing the all as everything has a negative and a positive; my philosophy as you might guess is one that leans more towards the LHP.
As for how I was led to this path I guess I was always into the occult and the “Science of Life” since as long as I can remember but never had a word for it. At first it started with synchronicities, starting around my sophomore year high school I started seeing multiple number synchronicities a day and even my friends noticed when I would receive them; another factor that majorly contributed to me ending up here is the fact that I’m an artist/musician and I love music and I found odd how in my opinion many of the best artists that ever lived had some connection to Aleister Crowley and/or his teachings (The Beatles,Led Zeppelin,Sting from The Police, Ozzy Osbourne, Jay-Z etc.) so I started my research on Crowley’s philosophy from there. Along the way I was introduced to the psychedelic known as LSD which was a big catalyst on my spiritual journey, after a semi-continuous as well as short lived “60s/70s-esque” lifestyle of LSD, philosophy, and Rock and Roll, somewhere in between the swirling colors and distorted guitar riffs I had the realization that thoughts were also energy and had a certain value, not in the physical plane but in the astral and that through the astral plane, with enough energy put into that thought, could be made manifested in the physical, after I had that realization I continued to research on the internet about this topic but coming up empty handed, it would be a couple of months before I would learn that this thought I had about manipulating energy was called “magick” and was in fact the basis of what the masses refer to as “witchcraft”.
I’m currently a senior in high school and I am by no means an expert yet but I have done my homework (Banishing,Chakras, Buddhism,Chaos philosophy, the Kyballion,Tarot, and trying to get into Kabbalah) I get constant results with sigil magick and meditate everyday. I am also studying marketing for college and as mentioned before a musician, since both of those professions are in the field of “Seducing the Mind” I am currently working with Goetic entities of seduction and influence like: Duke Zepar, King Paimon, Prince Sitri, Duke Sallos, and Duke Astaroth.

Ask me any questions you might want me to answer or just add any comments


Welcome to the forum it sounds like you have a solid foundation to build on. There is alot of information to be had and shared with on this forum just use the search feature and whatever you don’t find someone will be around to answer any questions per say…

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