Drinking blood?

ok so sanguarian vampires/vampyres drink blood but what exactly do you get out of ding this?


Depends. Most who call themselves sanguinarians can get some cheap, sometimes sexual thrills. Skilled sorcerers can take the victims life energy. Mind you, its essentially a short cut

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so they pretty much get no benefits from doing this

They get more life energy easier than with plain psychic vampirism, at least.

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AIDS. Kidding of course. For some people they get more energy out of that than with psychic vampirism, but it’s a lot more difficult to feed and master, and a lot more inconvenient.

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only of its period blood yeah I have disgusting fetishises :yum:

Other that a easily digestible snack that could give you potential iron poisoning and STDs? I’ve actually heard vampires who do this are mostly in it for the kinky aspect, they like to drink thier partner’s blood for the thrill. Sex energy can actually do a lot of things, it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s that type of energy they’re after.

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two words period blood