Drilling Question: to the handy mans out here


I have a few messing sigil pendants, i want to drill a small hole in them.
What kind of drill and drill bit, do i need for the metal of messing?
Do i need to pour water on it while drilling to cool it?
Do i need to drill very slow?
What are the things i must look out for as ricks?

Here is a picture of a sigil

These should be a good starting point for you.


I’d use a carbide bit. If it’s just a pendant I don’t think you need water, especially if they are not steel. But if you want to be extra sure a can of WD-40 would be better. And be sure to have a clamp to hold it down. Ideally with rubber or scrap leather between the pendant and clamp to keep from damaging it.


Yeah what he said :point_up::point_up::point_up::metal:


Just hold it down and drill very slowly :slight_smile:


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Edit @Quindecim Amazon has a lot of jeweler bits and they make them for dremels as well. It doesnt appear to be too costly to get a good little set up going.