Dreccian moons


Hey guys, i found this sigil in internet. In some archives is assigned to Baphomet and in some others to Hekate. Are you familiar with it? What is the Best ritual for it?

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It reminds me of S Ben Qayin’s Lunate Script. (It’s not.)

With this in my head, I don’t know if I’d call it a sigil. With three moons in three different sizes and aspects it feels more like Hekate (sometimes a triple goddess and associated with the moon).
The way I’d use it would be to draw it in the ritual as a means of developing by will and focusing my intention completely on the ritual.

Having said that looks like it might be original artwork by people in the O9A - in which case, I’d say follow the rituals they planned.


Thanks a lot @Mulberry! :hugs:

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Yes it is a sigil for channeling Baphomet :smiling_imp: