Dreamt of E.A. Koetting

There was a large group of people at his place, I think we were under the impression that he just finished setting himself up at this new place. We were all there to support him, and he gave a speech, part of it was the revealing of a challenge for everyone present, and whoever could win him over through this course of competitive majix could be his main assistant, and learn from him personally. After we all started getting excited about winning, we heard a couple explosions and saw various parts of his new place catch fire. He seemed to be calm about this but slightly somber and disappointed that someone would betray him so.

I tried to console him, letting him know that whoever had done this was only jealous of his magnanimous stature and influence, and by consoling him I had hoped to win over his affections…

The dream ended after we started repairs on the house, and cleaning up the chaos a bit.

Just thought I would share this, cause I know I like to be aware of dreams other people have about me.

Who knows it could be helpful. Like i said I would prefer to know dreams people have of me.

Dreams often present somethings you have inside your subconscious In a funny way , sometimes meaningful sometimes not , sometimes it’s a repressed wish , but sounds like your mind just simply dreaming here

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I agree that’s probable, but nonetheless I have brushed off some dreams similar in feel to this one that have turned out to be premonitory or synchronous with happenings in reality, which ended up providing meaning and depth to my understanding of spiritual currents. So as I have said, its better IMO to share than to keep private. Im not hurting anyone or obstructing forum business so if it doesn’t have meaning for u than ignore it instead of trying to invalidate my contribution.

I enjoy being a dick at times as well, and I may be a lot worse than you so no worries, I enjoy conflict, it provides the friction fires to forge our metal, strengthen our resolve, and reinforce our conviction by challenging us to summon reason to support our theory.


You posted on a forum open to discussion , I’m not being negative I’m simply stating my opinion ; have a good day

It was a poorly formulated opinion.

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Ok bro , if I said what you want to hear , the dream is so meaningful , you would just be cognitive biased and say that’s so true .


Hey, at least it wasn’t as “meaningless” as the one I had :wink:


I’d have to agree with this, only case I can see it possibly having some meaning is if you were in some way with an open communication with him which I’m assuming you’re not? However, could always divine it externally because confirmation bias is a thing if you consciously or subconsciously want it to have some deeper meaning same with possibly someone external and not connected to BALG.

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You don’t believe in a collective unconscious where all of our subconscious minds are interconnected? A web of intricate subtle connections? I do. That’s why I believe we all perceive symbolic associative keys to highly complex areas of a higher organization of information that we aren’t immediately aware of, which our subconscious is meant to process, reorganize and represent to us individually according to our priorities, intents, etc.

That’s the astral however it’s still best to confirm it some way than to instantly go “yes this dream has some spoopy meaning that I must follow” especially when it involves a well known person who is pretty much always mentioned here, so it also could be simply your mind playing familiar sequences of your waking life. It’s in my opinion better to progress with a foundation of research and confirmation than one purely off intuition and possible cognitive bias.


Yes, I agree, which is why i wasn’t saying it meant anything for sure, but that its best to put it out there just in case it has any relevance.

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Its so weird that i came across this old thread. Last night i happen to dream about E.A as well. It was sorta weird. I was in a walmart and it was like he was there at a spot near the front doors (inside) where there was a table and it was a meet and greet. I went over there, and he was cool with everybody but then when he saw me he gave me a hateful look, that was it. We shook hands and said hi, but at that moment he smiled but where it was like an “oh im gonna kill you good” smile lol. I got a call on my phone from my mother asking why i was taking so long at walmart and i made up a lie (that it was about christmas shopping) then i went outside. For some reason i had been drivinh my dad’s van, and i had it parked on grass beside the road instead of the parking lot.

The dream cut to where i was trying to take my best friend (who in this world doesnt do magic) to meet E.A. Koetting and she was fucking terrified and didnt want to.

What the hell lol.