Dreamt about the end of the world (long)

Ok, I haven’t wrote down this dream because I wanted to forget it, but I keep thinking about it.
Of course it’s a dream, so I might get things wrong or forget details.

The dream started off at my house, everyone, strangers and familiar faces seemed a bit off and the overwhelming sense of dread creeping over us.
I went to one of the familiar faces - at this distance I can see their dull, wasted away eyes - asking them what is happening.
The glared at me as if I was supposed to know.

“Don’t you know? The end of the world is happening next week.”

Of course I didn’t believe it and asked if they were sure.
The familiar face, whom I’m pretty sure is my aunt, confirmed it.
“Yeah, science proved it.”

I still didn’t believe her and walked my way to the window. Low and behold, bright red light, like a beam, rained down onto the earth. Pretty sure I saw a disk shape that’s emitting the beam.
Like a bat out of hell, all the people in the house began bombarding me with discouraging, unsupportive comments towards me. Some telling me that I should go to confession because the end times are here, others snarking…
“Did you know the unbelievers go to hell?” The way they smiled I can tell they were some kind of evil. Mocking me.

I believed them and rushed my way to any preacher I could find, but I couldn’t find any. Any time I would find anyone, they would be distracted and leave.

Somewhere in my dream, we were on a bus to go to a “safe” place. I twitched and I could tell some of my movements I wasn’t in control of.

Last thing I remember, I was in bed, a creature ontop of me, strangling me. It was all unnaturally black, like a void. Eccentuated ridges riddled his body. He pushed his face into mine and I retaliated by pushing his face away. But wasn’t enough, he pushed against my force, intimidating me. Slowly edging closer. I was scared he is going to rape me, and he definitely was going to if it wasn’t for me waking up.

I know most of these events are just symbolism and metaphors. Tell me what you think. It was a very lucid dream and still rattled by it.


Sounds like you timeline sliding and remembering it.


The end of the world. Feeling that you have little control with your personel life and finances. This could be a warning that significant changes are fourthcoming in your future, prepare for them.

Being choked and cutting your supply of oxygen. Air symbolizes spiritual life and being strangled by a dark entity is the deity sending the vision and warning to take it seriously and that an important or perhaps very stressful future awaits and you must take steps to avoid negative consequences.


Interesting because our dreams seem to have things in common. I also dreamt of the end time a few times. Did you not see HOW exactly the end was going to happen? For me it was, 1) the merging of our world with the ancient world where we used to live with gods and monsters, and 2) the awakening of the Tree of Life, which reanimated dead souls into its army, and released its monster children upon the world and 3) the returning of dragons and other species, due to high concentration of greenhouse gas and toxic fumes, which they thrive on.

I also dreamt once of what came afterwards. I was relocated to one of Beelzebub’s territories. Earth was as good as gone. There was a door that leads back to it with the sign: “Do not open, there’s nothing back there”. Some people went crazy. Some tried to live as normally as possible. My brother kept playing videogames. Around the tiny town was a huge desert. I wanted to see what was at the end of the road; allegedly it led to the big cities. I also wanted to find my parents. But the one policeman was the only guy with a car and a gun, and he was kind of a dick. And there was no laws anymore.

And yeah I’ve seen the pitch black creep. It was quaking its head next to my face once while chokeholding me. It came with another, a shapeshifter and impostor.

Although, the one that always tried to rape me was an invisible one, who could also be impostor sometimes, though badly.


Oh, I have had a very stressful end of the month with money. I can’t get a job for the life of me and I have to rely on welfare. A couple weeks ago, I had a job interview, yet no luck.
And now, my love for magic is diminishing so much that I no longer have an actual passion for it.:sweat::sweat:

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The only thing I can really get out what our dreams have in common (because it was mostly focused on the beginning of the end) is the bright rubicund beam of light connecting to either a disk or orb. What I could think it could be is either a stereotypical alien spacecraft or another planet of some kind - either I could gather up is the gods and monster concept. Aliens can be a symbol of deities.

I am not a really good dream expert. But I have a feeling your dream meant that someone in authority (your parents, boss, etc.) is aiming to belittle you and take advantage of you in your darkest times(?)

But I am really interested in who these entities are and how they are so universal.
When the creeper taunted me by putting his face close to mine, I have no idea if he was choking me or not, but the emotional feeling was there. One time in real life I experienced an evil phantom tried to mess with me. It was invisible, except for an outline of it, almost like a mist.


Lmao I was. Definitely didn’t think I would remember it.

Oh sorry i guess during my rambling i forgot the part which i found similar to your experience. It was being antagonized. I was warned, by Belial, not to help others and just focus on survival, but I couldn’t not help people. And while many were grateful, some with more authority condemned me. I was pregnant in the 1st dream and they believed it to be the antichrist. They believed I was evil and wanted to hurt me. In another dream of the same setting they had soldiers pointing guns at me and my child and demanded us to lead them through a certain “cursed” forest. That forest wasn’t cursed but the gods only allowed believers to go through. I led those people to their demise. Unlike you i didn’t believe humans would be judged and go to heaven or hell, i believed our state of mind decided whether we’d survive to enter the new world.

As for meanings… idk. In all those dreams the humans were panicking. And who panicked, died. I tried to save them if I could. Oh but only in the setting of the world merging was I myself. I was someone else in others, or multiple different people.

In the 1st dream, those who didn’t trust me wouldn’t be able to see the creatures from the old world or know how to defend against them (i was granted a ‘curse’ that helped me see them), and their fear of the unknown ultimately led them to be abandoned by me in that merciless forest.

In the 2nd setting, the monsters smited anyone who moved or panicked, but if you stayed still and worked together you could stay alive. The revived dead ppl were supposed to track down those who were playin dead, but they actually retained a bit of humanity, so they ignored us to spare us.

In the 3rd setting, I got lost, saw some things, and tried to warn people of the real dangers, but they didn’t believe me and still overestimated their ways, and many got killed.

So idk, i have a feeling they told me to listen to the signs I receive and not following the mass, I guess. I don’t know anyone who’d want to harm me. I have had very fortunate social connections. Most of my traumas came from my own mistakes and thinking too much. So it’s unusual to be antagonized in a dream.

Im not entirely sure what the creeper entities are, but the invisible one had terrorized me since i was 15 or so. Luckily I haven’t seen him for the past 2 years. The last time I saw him, he locked me in his arms and the air broke like a glass panel in front of my face, and after that I think I saw sth from a past life. They were speaking Portugese or sth, I was a baby and couldn’t understand a thing. It was very vivid.

Oh that is a crazy dream. Very novel-esk.

But, I don’t believe we actually go to heaven or hell, but in this dream, since I was scared, I wanted to keep hell at bay. Of course I didn’t fully accept and believe that concept.

Or if you’re just stating “in the dream I believed this” sorta thing, then I understand.

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Yeah I understood that it was just your state of mind in the dream. For me it was the same. Mainly also because I had a better understanding of what was going on in the dream, because I actually knew the gods were originally neither holy nor infernal, they were all just divine and they just decided to split into different factions, but as the worlds were merging it didn’t matter, they all had to work together. So it was just whether or not one could survive the chaos until they sorted it out, heaven or hell wasn’t the question.

But that non-duality has been how I understood things too, in general. I once had this dream where I was shown a vision of the sphere of gods. It was a congregation of multiple planes of reality, at the conjunctions of which are divine personaes, corresponding their forms and functions to the ideas of the world’s consciousness. They’re their own personalities, but also connected through the same source, and can transcend between one another. Hard to describe now, but it was really easy to grasp when I was there. A moment of “A ha! Of course!” I’d say.

The economy has diminished and jobs are hard to find. Don’t give up on magic you might want to focus on knowledge and divination to foresee the future and get started on a new path for employment and success.

I sometimes tend to just speak my mind so sorry If it comes across in a negative light, its only meant to make you think. In reading your posts I’m confused. You say you perform hands on magic, hoodoo, wyrdwork etc and planning to be a sorceress. Other than that you’ve shared not really anything site you joined other than your name holds power and sex with an incubus.

I want to ask what work you’ve actually done to help yourself get better and what you’ve done to improve your life. I like reading your posts but I would ask you to do some deep reflection on who you are and where you want to be.

Sounds like from your posts you need help on so many levels, so let’s start peeling back the layers and figure out the right questions for you to ask in the forum. I want for you to be happy and successful in everything you do and desire.

I hope I don’t come across as an ass with my post, it is only intended to be a means to an end for you.


Well it’s very possible that the end of the world will be in our lifetime. I hope not cause I want to have a wife and kids. I am a young magickian. But many apocalyptic texts have said that as soon as the Jewish temple is rebuilt, seven years following will start the end times. And as it currently stands, the temple is just in separate pieces. They’re just trying to find sponsors to rebuild it. Honestly even though I am a Christian and don’t believe in stopping the end, I do believe we can prolong it. If anyone wants to pm me, I can create a chat. Then we can curse the rebuilding of the temple. You know bind it to not be rebuilt. This might have to be an annual thing, but definitely worth it if we wants to live. Anyone in?

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To be honest, that idea sounds friggin interesting. Maybe we should. I am not one for curses, tho for the sake of humanity’s future, we should.
Just better safe than sorry.

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