I’m writing this because of the comments I’ve heard from many who are reluctant to use dream magick. Many who don’t understand that there is an importance to lucid dreaming, and having a dream journal, so one can progress through not just lucid dreaming, but magick itself.

Some of the most powerful experiences I’ve had, came from a group of dream guides during a period of intense spiritual growth, and these beings would teach me how to manipulate the dream state to such a degree, that I could have several dreams within dreams, and turn the state into a playground of illumination. Wherein I could go incredibly deep in realms I had little control of my conscious mind, if any at all, but possessed innate knowledge of where I needed to go, and what I needed to do, to get me places deeper within my mind. The best part of this technique was that it added such length to the dreams, and I often got to wake up several times. At first this was really hard to master, as I would wake up from a dream and my consciousness would think I had woken up to life, and that I needed to go to school, and I would panic and freak out, because I was in these temples, crypts, catacombs, tombs and all manner of strange places that I had been guided with this group of familiar spirits whom would guide and protect me, many of which do not look like normal people, and they would explain to me this was just a dream, and part of an experience I had set up. Sometimes that was a very hard thing to remember, and the whole experience was incredibly shocking and disturbing. Some of these experiences were particularly strange, especially when you wake up next to something non human staring at you intently and you don’t realize you’re in a dream because of the hyper-realism aspect. But I had to go to these places, to get where I wanted to go. I had to have these experiences, to learn how to control the state. They have showed me its possible not only to trigger your own past life memories, but to live the memories of others. You can even access what Defectron calls “Godstate” in this, and I have found it sufficiently powerful to do things that are incredibly godly, which most magicians don’t think are possible. However from my own gnosis, I saw that this was something I had unlocked in my own consciousness, and was a place deep in my mind no one could guide me, and the only map and understanding of which was my own intuition. And I was also made aware that there are deeper states of this as well, that seem to be built into the mind which and incredibly hard to access, and NOT OPEN to those who are not familiar with traversing these states. These are things that seemingly are unlocked with incredible amounts (decades) of magickal practice and traversing the dream state in ways few talk about.

I was raised in a house full of people who were very avid lucid dreamers, who would get into deep states and levels of dream. This is what I’ve been conditioned with as a child. It was the opinion of not just myself, but everyone in my family who was familiar with incredibly deep dream state, knows from their own experience that although the movie inception is a work of fiction, it was put together by someone, or some people, who had traveled this road before and were keen to put many particular parallels in the movie to certain parts of deep dream state. But like nearly everything that comes out of Hollywood, it’s been pumped full of enough bullshit to be dismissed by anyone right off the bat, and of dubious quality as a template for understanding dream state as a whole.

Dream state is an incredible tool of development, that few people in Western society are willing to deal with, because it’s just strange dreams and weirdness to them. This is how many have been culturally conditioned. Many have a hard time doing this, and decoding whether symbols presented are personal vs universal, or even symbols at all, and all kinds of different aspects, there is a huge learning curve, and a difficult degree of mastery few would ever expect to find in any practice. A lot of can only be discovered through personal experience of the state. However, I will say my debates with other sorcerers are generally about whether we agree you need to master magick to master dream state, or that you have to master dream state to master magick. And the honest answer is probably that you need to do both to master both, and that these are more closely related than anyone wants to admit.

To many ancestral cultures, this is a revered and important vision of gnosis, and dreams play a big part in life, in particularly when a revelation is asked for or needed. And this is one of the greatest gifts of dream state for those who know how to utilize it. But such a state is hardly limited to such singular uses. You can even pull someone into your dream, or invade other people’s if you’re retarded and have a death wish. I have even managed to cause an implosion and collapse of my dreams, through nothing but the forces of sheer will to go out astral projecting a number of occasions. I have even met loved ones, sometimes years in advance through dreams. More often than not, I use them as warning signs and revelations. It is written that before the great flood, that the giants of the earth had horrifying dreams, and they WRONGFULLY misinterpreted this obvious sign, that gods wrath was simply for Azazel, when their dreams were a warning his wrath was for the entire planet and all civilization as well.

Before the birth of my grandfather, his presence was prophesied by a relative in deep dream state, who saw a group of horsemen come to the family house, and saw him as incredibly well dressed leader get off the horse, come up to the house and declare that he had arrived. This person then woke up, and this literally happened the moment my grandfather was born. Some events like this, can be interpreted as a huge deal, and a sign perhaps, that someone very important had come into the family incarnation cycle once again. Some in my family, clearly saw this as an enormous deal when it happened in this case. This isn’t viewed as something that’s not reliable, it’s supposedly one of the most powerful methods of divination and revelation. It’s also a back door into many powers that few sorcerers ever reveal the secrets of, most of these will be revealed only through practice of this art.

This has been an incredibly long journey for me, that started before I even hit puberty. I’ve been consciously lucid dreaming for a period far greater and longer than my use of magick. I also have a unique family tradition on it as well, that perhaps fostered my grown and development.

Perhaps my experiences are highly personal, but who here can’t say the same? I’ve seen enough sorcerers who were able and willing to help me understand various aspects of dream state to let me know I’m not alone in what I do, especially with the number of talented occultists OF EVERY PATH I’ve accidentally drawn the attention to some of my activities who were also traversing deep dream state. You will find a lot of things you never expected to see, however with the ease magick can be practiced in a lucid dream, you might find how easy it can be to accidentally pick up attention of strange and powerful people in this realm, especially other magick users.

This is my ancestral tradition and gift, and that’s how I’ve come to reconcile these understandings in my own practice.

Good Luck and Godspeed,
-Frater Apotheosis



I’ve had good success with dream work.

I was using some Tibetan dream meditation techniques trying to get some answers. Finally at one point I had a series of dreams in which this white skinned buddha like figure showed up every night for about ten days straight, every night, teaching me things. I could never remember what he told me when I woke up, but I did feel something was happening, and I had a clear memory of talking with and listening to him every night. I never saw him again after that.

Soon after, I had a breakthrough I’ve been striving towards for many years in applying a certain mental technique to achieve a deeper state of consciousness by direct control of concentration and attention rather than trance meditation.

This stuff works guys.