Dreamscaping has anyone mastered it?

Looking for advice, what works well for you?

Beleive it or not breathing in the dream (as per inhalation/exhalation) may induce a power surge of lucidity or propel you if flight fails etc. Ive found that if you start to lose your lucidity or mental clarity diving down like your swimming under water trying to avoid drifting to the surface also helps.

I’ll give this ago, have you ever gone from lucid dreaming to astral projecting? This is what i’m trying to figure out how to do. I can get the lucidity but when i try going to the plane i literally just wake straight up.

I have but it was not intentional, just kind of happened once.

Oh right, i’m looking for tips a spirit who i’m working with told me that it’s the best way for me to AP.

Because you don’t know what the astral actually is, that creates a blank file in your personal memory banks. What happens when a computer program tries to retrieve a missing file? Usually it crashes. You’re trying to do the same thing, and it’s crashing your dream.

Same thing usually happens when we die in dreams. Nobody really knows what death is like, so your dream has nothing to base it’s self on and crashes. Unless you have a very clear vision of what happens when you die. You can pick up temporary clear death scenarios from overdosing on video game, but once the novelty of those fade away, you’re back to waking up when you die in dreams.

Stop trying to reach the astral, if you’re asleep, you’re already there.

This is probably why a structured interface is used by traditional shamans. The more they use it, the more it becomes associated with “now I’m in the astral.”

I gave the example of a computer program crashing when it tries to retrieve a missing file. But not all programs do that. If the program is well thought out and prepared for all eventualities, they say the program is “robust”

You can generally judge how robust anything you want to use in a dream is before hand by trying to visualize it. If a clear image or concept springs to mind, odds are it’s pretty robust.

The benefit of using things which are robust is that they will grant you reliability. You never know exactly what will happen in a dream, but you can get pretty good a guesstimating and ballparking it. Sometimes it’s fun to use unstable concepts for the randomness, especially in dreams.

I think the ratio of Robustness to Reliability applies to magic in the waking world same as it does in dreams. Every element in your magical workings should be robust and clearly defined to you on a personal level, not half baked and undefined.