Hi there. The last few days I’ve had a bit of a slump in my health (as it does) and I fell asleep by day today as I have been so weak Ive been mostly bedbound. The last two days I had kinda vivid dreams (mostly regarding a longstanding pressing issue in my life)… today my dream was with E.A Koetting :smiley:. I felt so awesome. Having a vivid dream is the next best thing than meeting someone in real life :slight_smile: (in a sense). I wont go into the details but I remember being really nervous at first if he would except me in… did I have to prepare? and be 'worthy enough"?. Surprisingly he freely and quite openly let me in, and that absoulutely pleasantly surprised me and was a happy relief, and we sat and had a conversation, while he made me feel almost as equals, but still a good twinge feeling of respect I felt and feeling really lucky to be there as we conversed, and he gave me the space to explain and do so, eventhough I struggled to explain this certain issue etc…
Its just that it made my day the dream, and no its not one of those childish “hi Im a fan I dreamt of E.A Koetting,” lol ;I’m still here in bed, but feeling slightly better, and the dream made such an impact and elated my mood I thought I gotta say something, just to say thank you even, like what are the odds of anything else I could of dreamt of ha… just thanks for being so super that it makes my exsistance better.

Anyone else have any dreams or indirect spirtual guidance that made their day, indirectly through, or about E.A.? Intruiged to hear, I guess everyone would appreciate to know :smiley:

Anyways, thanks for being an amazing person that people look upto, eventhough you go through so much to be that person.



This made me smile. How sweet. Ofcourse you’re worthy. I never dreamed of him but I wouldn’t complain if it happened.:woman_shrugging:

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All I’ve experienced once was visiting his office or whatever it is he films his videos in and seeing his Mala beads clearly, each individual skull in my dreams. Other than that, I’ve not experienced Archaelus in my dreams.

You aren’t the first to dream about E.A.