Has anybody been dreaming of war,earthquakes and terrible stuff happening along with feeling drained 24*7 and waking up at 3-4 am?

Me and some of my friends from different places across the world are facing the same issue.

What is it?
Constantly praying to Archangel Michael and Niña Blanca and somehow I don’t wake up at 3-4am but the rest remains same?

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Seems to me like anxiety! Considering the last year I think its going around! You might not be anxious but the energies in the collective is and you are receiving it!
Its nothing alarming! You just need to ground often and remind yourself that you are safe.


Been feeling drained as well, like something sucked it right out of me. Not sure why that is, but I assumed it was my lupus, however, it feels so different.

I would definitely look into factors such as stress as @MiKu mentioned, this has been a tough ass decade for a ton of people so psychologically that would make sense. Depending on when you go to bed the 3-4 AM waking up could be your body exiting REM sleep. It could also happen if you don’t eat or drink enough before bed, your body will stay on high alert and is much more likely to wake to sounds or movements in the air that you may not even consciously recognize.

Certain foods before bed can also cause nightmares. Though there isn’t much scientific backing behind this yet, a lot of studies say that people who ate a certain food were more likely to have nightmares before bed. Keep the temperature of your room cool, it is easier for your body to fall asleep in an environment that is roughly 65 degrees F (18.4 degrees C).

After you’ve considered that, spiritually it could be a sign of something coming. Before I went through my ‘awakening’ I often had nightmares about a death, which ended up being the death of my old ways. If you sleep with some of your tools near you, it’s possible that the energy is disrupting your sleep. That and keeping a lot of wards by your bed can as well, especially if something tries to disrupt one of them during your sleep.

I recommend as MiKu said again to ground yourself thoroughly, try to learn methods for coping with anxiety in your daily life. Eat and drink a fair amount before bed, keep a clean and quiet environment (if you can I recommend sleeping with some white noise to drown out any environmental sounds that may alert your brain) and make sure you’re using the restroom before. You can try sleeping with some amethyst to ward off nightmares, or even some plushies can help you feel safe.


A new economic system must arrive worldwide as because capitalism is outdated. As well a new free kind of Internet is about to be implemented as because the actual one is perverted. So yeah all these changes are subconciously active in dreams.


I agree with your point about capitalism but can you explain your internet standpoint a little more?

(and also how the plague of capitalism is affecting people who don’t partake in economics in their sleep lol)

(i don’t mean any of this in a political standpoint purely economic i have no bias)

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Was it Berners-Lee? A new project similar to Internet but a lot better. A new device was presented the other day with music, planner, calendar and so on

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Just watched an interview of Russel Targ. He said that dreams about fears that you think about during the day are coming from your mind. But if it’s a nightmare about something that doesn’t usually cross your mind, then it is more likely precognitive. When I have repeated nightmares that don’t make sense, I tell myself to have only pleasant dreams. Keep repeating it until I’m asleep. It usually works the first night. Always by the second. I rarely use an alarm clock too and just tell myself when to wake up before I go to sleep.

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Disagree on the capitalism bit, but this isn’t a political forum so will not go into it further. However, I will note that we wouldn’t even have the internet as we know it without the free market. The internet that is coming next will be a return to how it was before big tech monopolized people’s data and started encroaching on civil liberties.