Would some one be interested In helping me interpret a dream I had?

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Go for it. Also try to give us some context and what you think it means as well.

I was in walmart and my fiance walks past me and hands me a pack of two mens handkerchiefs. They were black and connected to a leather pouch. I went to pay for them and she tells me “I gotta go.” There was a severe storm coming through. So she left me in walmart to pay for the handkerchiefs she gave me.

I have no clue what these symnols mean.

Have you previously had prophetic dreams ?

Yes I have.

Research the dream everyday and try to come to a conclusion

Are you two already engaged, or is this a future fiance? Have you both already set plans for the marriage? Were payments already made? Is walmart somewhere you frequent with her?

You have to answer questions like these to get to the truth of the matter. Also, you can run through these questions and ask for clarification before you go to bed. Keeping a dream journal is obviously required.

My initial guess without any other information is that there is some relationship challenge already happening or to come soon. That if you don’t somehow answer her unasked questions, or get her to open up about something, there is a chance she’d rather just walk away. The handkerchiefs being meant for men tell me that it’s not her problem as she sees it. But that there’s two, connected to a pouch, means it is something connected to both you. Something both of you share. Could just be the relationship itself.

In that case, it’s that you have what she sees as issues that makes her hesitant to try and weather the storm with you.

My advice is simply to tell her the dream exactly as you remember it and ask if there’s anything recently that she hasn’t felt like talking with you about.