Hey guys!

It’s been a long ass while. I apologize. Today, specifically what I wanted to speak with you guys about is a pair of dreams I had and the waking world in which we sometimes reside.

Two weeks ago, I had a dream that I was asleep in my bed, but it was like my bedroom was in a different version of itself… the lay out and floor plan was the same but the walls were made from wood. Anyway, I kept doing that half asleep half awake delirious thing in the dream and saw a King Cobra slither its way onto my bed. I was like “Huh, is that a king cobra? We dont have cobras in this state… what the-” and then it bit me. I wasnt alarmed, I sucked the poison out and the snake slithered away from the bed. I got up, spat the poison on the floor and followed the snake into the living room where I grabbed it, looked it in the eye and then bit its fucking head off (and swallowed) and threw the snake down on the ground and went back to bed and then woke up back in my reality. I wasn’t alarmed or scared by what occurred in the dream as clearly whatever had happened didnt have its intended impact. I felt very clearly that someone had attempted to bind my magic, and I have a sneaking suspicion of who (whether or not it was intentional, idk).

About a week ago, I crossed over into a neighboring reality and met myself. He had somehow gained ownership of the house I currently live in. I told him I need help getting out of my current living situation and he agreed to give it. So, he took one of the chickens in his reality and I watched him say an incantation as he cleaved its head off and strung it up upside down by its feet for the coyotes to feed upon. This spell he did worked two fold - it gave me clarity to see how bad my current situation was, and it removed the remainder of the bindings. His patron god, I strongly feel given his more wild demeanor, was Cernunnos. He told me the separation had begun and that I would be able to move on soon. I woke up feeling upbeat and optimistic even as my living situation continues to deteriorate. Fast forward two or three days later and one of the actual chickens in this reality suddenly goes missing.

Additionally, yesterday I heard Lucifer call me. I dont know how or why, but it was just this total vibration that rang through my entire body so I did a Satan and Sons Luciferian Tower meditation utilizing his enn. While I didnt get strong visuals, I sure as hell felt him around me, inside me, and above me. It was beautiful. I felt radiant burning love. I did the same meditation again before bed after doing a chakra cleanse. This morning, omfg… I woke up feeling so content and loved coming out of the inky void* of sleep to the sound of gentle thunder directly over head and I know these two things are linked because there is nothing I love more than thunder and lightning, it felt like a gesture made specifically for me.

Anyway, I would love to hear from people who have actively worked with Lucifer about the symbolism in both the dreams and my initial experience with him and how they relate with yours.

Thank you so much again guys!

*it is HIGHLY unusual for me not to actively remember my dreams, as a side note.


Hi there! Long time since we’ve talked.

So with this I interpreted it as you coming onto an enemy and destroying them, particularly their mental faculties.

For the other one, sounds like you may get your wish, question is how?

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It’s great to hear from you!!! I’m sorry its been so long! I hope you’ve been well!

Absolutely, I woke up feeling like my defenses were intact and strong, but there was an incomplete feeling, like there was still some binding paralysis… like I guess it felt the same as not using your muscles for a while and they start to atrophy? Does that make sense? The only spell of such magnitude that I have outstanding is the one I did to destroy my ex (mentally first, then spiritually, then physically). He’s also been on my mind frequently as it was around this time last year he crossed several lines that made me feel unsafe.

And yeah, for the second one, the other reality me seemed so certain all would be well. I’m just not exactly sure how it will unfold. His magic was also very distinct from mine, it felt far more grounded and less steamy (watery/fiery).

I thought about doing a card reading on it but I stopped myself from doing it. shrug

On the note of Lucifer, I am… just in awe. Asmodeus gave me a feeling a safety and firmly planted masculinity, Belial gave me a feeling of acerbic mercurial wit, and working with Lilith was like being wrapped in rose petals and honey. Lucifer… well, the feeling was so awe inspiring when I pulled out I had tears running down my face.

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