So it’s been a while
With everything happening I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe
Recently I found out that I have aphantasia which means my mind’s eye is essentially blind
I always thought that I was just stupid and couldn’t imagine things but it’s a legit thing
That does mean that meditation and stuff if I have to image things can be difficult
So imagining what my incubus would look like is also a challenge. I can imagine him but I guess I use instincts I don’t know.
But last night was good. Even though my mind’s eye is blind I can remember dreams but it’s more like a feeling and not images but flashes?
So after many attempts to sit still to meditate and after nights of not feeling his presence I had a dream with him in it.
It was less of a dream and more of a playback. I was basically sleeping in my dream and he was next to me in the space where he would in theory occupy if he slept in my bed.
So this does give me confidence that he’s here, but I still work at it to be able to communicate with him but now with the always current challenge it will be difficult but I am more than willing to keep trying.
Thanks for reading
Hope everyone will still be with us once all this madness is over