Dreams with interesting messages, anyone else?

Hello, long ago I do not post there, I have so much homework’s in university (yes, online shitty classes lol) I hope you are very good.

I tell you, I have had interesting dreams lately at spiritual level.

I have an aunt who has more knowledge in aliens, I find UFO theme interesting but I do not usually think about them often. Two months ago I dreamed of “highs people” in robes, as it was a lucid dream I took advantage of asking if they were pleyadians to what they replied “there are some…” I informed my aunt about this dream; she said, “yes, that it was them because of the characteristics you told me”

The next dream I did not tell her, but it is a very clear message. I was walking in a quiet street and suddenly some UFOs in the sky… I was surprised because one was getting very close to me, I ran out and a wall was placed in front of me… on it was a parchment paper with golden letters and purple edges. What this said: “it is normal to improve as a person, and open your mind, it is good that you are doing it, also that you raise your vibration because this makes you see us”.

The last interesting dream was yesterday, someone was telling me: “Having the pineal gland active helps us stay younger and keep our body stable”. My aunt said to me that it was true and that it has scientific base, I had no idea!

The day before yesterday I dreamed with my father who is dead, every certain time I dream with him, he showed me one of his temporary houses of those planes… he has a sea front, I told him “Hey, don’t you fear that this sea is so close?” He laughed and said “No, here these things don’t happen, relax”.

I do not know if it is because lately Im cleaning my chakras, aura and other things with music for that or that my third eye is rising for another reason.

Today they were going to comment something to me again but about the frontal lobe but I woke up and could not receive the message. I have seen in post of a group of facebook that there are many people receiving messages too…