Dreams with famous magicians

I had two dreams, one was a long time ago when I was working with Antharratu, it was as if I was in a cave and inside the cave Asenath Mason was writing and Antharratu was watching her as if dictating something to her when I saw them they both looked at me, and then Antharratu surrounded me of shadows as if it were a sentence I screamed in the dream and woke up in the middle of the night

Now recently I have dreamed of Arach Kybel, taking into account that I returned to work with Azazel, I dreamed that he performed a ritual in my house to open the door to the dragons, he licked my arms and legs, and sometimes he passed Arach kybel the figure of a woman with dark hair, I don’t remember the ritual well but she turned and said words like opening the door of the dragons

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