Dreams of the unknown

so ive heard from my cousin today and he said that he has been having some weird nightmares and i was wondering if anyone knows if he could be cursed or something demonic or dark is messing with him he is terrified and all the dream is just the words “you will lose everything” over and over again plz someone let me know

Why do people involved in the occult automatically jump to the conclusion of a curse, or the demonic, simply because someone is having bad dreams?

The human mind is very capable of creating such things all on its own. Anyone can have nightmares without outside influences.

if you want to make your cousin feel better, teach him how to do a banishing ritual before bed. Even if the dreams have nothing to do with spiritual activity, the ritual will have a psychological effect on his subconscious, resulting in a feeling of security and safety.


Very true. Spirits can cause such things, but there is always a particular vibe to those that distinguishes it from normal dreaming. Unfortunately it often takes repeated exposure to such things before one can discern the difference.

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no im not assuming it is but i wanted to make sure for it