Dreams of my Incubus and Shapeshifting to a Dragon

This dream actually goes in two categories so we gonna put this is in general boom enjoy

So it started with me going to a Chinese store to buy fried rice as anyone else would do haha. But I went there cause I was waiting for my brother near by. When I went in and ordered I spotted an unusually handsome man in the corner of the counter. His presence felt very familiar like I know him so I think it might’ve been my incubus. We actually spoke to each other this time, which if you’ve read my other dream where he was in it, we were only together for a moment. We spoke for a while when I notices he had horns on his head. I wasn’t deterred in anyway just curious. I really wanted to just touch it, but I was being a shy child and didn’t want to ask thinking it be rude. Haha me is stupid missed my chance gotta wait for the next time now.

After I reluctantly left with my brother we went outside. We were trying to get somewhere but I don’t remember where. At some point I transformed into a dragon same form as my last dream and began to fly to our destination. I wasn’t sure what was wrong with me well today but I couldn’t seem to control my flight. I was losing my balance in the air or at least not being able to turn as well as last time. I eventually crashed into a tree. It took a while to get back on my feet. I wasn’t sure what was wrong with me but I wasn’t bout to crash into anything again.

When I have these dream I wake up exhausted like I was doing the activities that happen within my dream. I wonder why that is? If you guys have any thoughts do type it out I’d love to hear it

Thanks for reading

The dream state can still affect the body, convincing the body it’s happening.

Haha definitely felt that tree tho

I had a dream I was Ozzie Osborne lol and I was eating the heads off birds xD woke up and felt that shit.

OMG what?! You ate their head?! Wow that’s something