Dreams Intruding on Life

I’m fairly new to magick and can’t say I’ve performed a successful spell yet, though I’ve tried. I’m still learning…I’m currently reading a few books, including High Magick and bunch of the books about the Goetia.

I have been taking Blue Skate Liver Oil to attempt to open up my senses.

For the last few months, maybe even closer to a year, I’ve had random moments throughout every day that I vividly remember dreams. Sometimes the dreams are from years ago, maybe more than a decade. Sometimes they’re more recent. But there’s a second or two of recall, almost like I’m in the dream again. Then the feeling fades, always fairly quickly.

Could this have anything to do with attempting to learn magick or the Skate Liver Oil? Anyone else have an experience like this?

No responses? Did I ask the question wrong?

I would assume that none of the 33 views to this, had a similar experience or thought about what was causing it.

I’ve never heard of what you’re taking so. No comments sorry.

The closest I could get is tell you that since I can’t make pictures with my mind, and I do not have visual memory, that when I remember something, it often feels like I am in the memory for a flash second, unless I focus on it intentionally-nbecause I want to feel whatever I was feeling, at the time it occurred.

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Dreams are a product of your subconscious. At a guess, it sounds like your waking/conscious mind is synchronising more closely with your subconscious. However, if it only extends to memory or a sense of déjà vu, there is certainly room for expansion.

I too have moments where I suddenly vividly remember a dream as though it were a “real” memory. The secret here is that all of it is “real”; your subconscious existence is just as important as your conscious waking life.


Thank you for responding. Would you have any tips for expansion?