Dreams - How To Tell If Person/Entity In Dream Is Real , Or Just Your Subconscious?

How do you tell if a person/entity in your dream is REAL or a product of your imagination/subconscious?

In the dream where both of us were kissing passionately, my upper body especially around chest area ,neck and head areas were ‘tingling’ , electricity like sensation flowing ,and felt blissful.

What felt different with this particular semi-lucid erotic dream of mine was that this person felt like an external energy interacting & reciprocating with me and I could also see vivid colours in the dream environment - The ‘normal’ erotic dreams I’ve had in the past , where the character in the dreams felt/behaved like partial robots , with mostly dull black,white or grayscale type colours in the background. The person kissing me was not a lover but a “crush” from the recent past , whom I never had any relationship with - but we are familiar with each other and I believe there was a mutual attraction then. I woke up feeling overjoyed and happy.

As far as I can remember I have never felt these sensations in a “normal” erotic dream - in a ‘normal’ erotic dream I’d just feel aroused purely below the waist !

WORTH mentioning that on the same night before sleeping and having this erotic dream, I had performed a love ritual with the demon , Gaap’s help to me meet true love - it wasn’t targeting anyone specific, and I also asked his help to forget past relationships, obsessions and previous crushes.

What could this dream mean ?

Could this be someone’s higher self , some other entity (Gaap messing around or showing me??) or perhaps yet again my own subconscious/imagination still producing it , despite feeling very different and “real” ?

Is there a spirit I could call on for answers ?


When I’ve had prophetic or lucid dreams of other people. That have been real or some kind of sign. I’ve found that they tend to happen at very odd or specific times (very early am, right before I get up, or dozing off on a bus). For me there is an intensity or real feeling in the dream. That lets me know. Have found that keeping a dream journal and sitting with whatever the subject is for a while also helps.

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Thanks - damn - it also happened to me in the morning i.e. when I woke up then back to a semi-wakeful sleep.

Oh and it’s definitely in my journal.

It could be a sign imo. Wait and see what happens

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Anyone else care to share their thoughts, please ?

dreams are metaphors, its your high conciousness trying to message your physical vechile, they are very cryptic, DEFINETLY, not 1 to 1

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Thanks @KRA