Dreams coming true....more like nightmares

so i had a dream a few days ago that one of my kids got a hold of my sigil notebook and got it wet thus detroying it…

today she ripped up a few info pages and the main sigil i use furfur’s he wasn’t mad told me just to re draw it in red ink again so i did so

i also had a dream about my daughter running in the street to be with me at night time from some one elses place n i got out of the car to run down the street n heels for w.e reason to get her well

my dauhter is not suppose to be in the hospital with me but she has been with me all week

then im having dreams about being stuck in a zombie video game today its all weird

Hm…You think anyone could be sending negative stuff your way? I’m not saying they are but it could be a possibility. I would do some protection work, or increase it if you already are.

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i will do so cause its kinda nuts

These sounds like a warning or prophetic. Like, the first dream was saying. ‘keep your book up high out of the water’. If it was high a little kid wouldn’t have been able to reach it.

Heels… vulnerability being in hospital? Or maybe wear shoes you can run in for a while.

And these things come in threes:
Zombie video game. Maybe a metaphor for the illusion of reality surrounded by unawakened people? Maybe you’re trapped in another way in the systems around you and you’re trying to show yourself this.


i can see that i knew i was in the game i was looking for a way out though a couch and there was a guy that wouldnt leave me be n it kept restarting every time he bit me some where it was weird just really weird

you may be right should keep my book away from my monsters lol

I agree with him. Keep your magick as High Vibrational, lest you get trapped in a Feed Back loop of lower life forms and parasites (zombies).

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The water thing could mean “deep water” a phrase for in trouble. Everything else you would have to go with @Maulbeere

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