Dreams are a powerful tool

I did not realize it at the time, years ago when I was young but dreams led me in the right direction.

When I was young I had reoccurring dreams of multiple kinds. One of the earliest was of a mirror in a room a family member stayed in. there was no reflection in the mirror, however written on it in red was the words “she has cancer” at that age I had no clue what cancer was. I was very young. Years later the same family member battled cancer a few times and had in the past unbeknownst to me. Then she passed away from Cancer

So do not discount your dreams as being powerful tools and teachers…even years after the fact they have sometime thing offer you.

Has anyone else had experiences with dreams?


of course. dreams are important, as they venture deep into your subconscious to give your conscious mind messages . they help you follow your intuition. i feel like this was important to you so that you can learn to follow your intuition better , while at the same time giving you more belief . prophetic dreams happen all the time . tune into them. you might be a seer , seeing into different dimensions , past lives , the future , and all. you have to really open up that ability . practice. i’ve had a lot of prophetic dreams and although i knew what was gonna happen, i felt as if i couldn’t do anything about it though because it was already “set in stone.” it was just me getting a glimpse of the “unchangeable” future. (which is why i had to learn to manifest my reality, to try? to prevent such things.) it’s sad how you really can’t do anything about them but see them , but it’s just nice to know

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I have dreams all the time, sometimes I can have 3-4 in one night. It’s really rare for me to not have one. Some of them doesn’t make sense to me AT ALL, while some are really… Interesting I would say, deep.

For example months ago, I had a weird dream, in which I saw the name Dorian quite clearly, and later that year, hurricane Dorian happened. Coincidence or not, I’ll probably never know.

Actually took a nap earlier, and had that crazy dream. Still trying to understand it :confused:

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Good to know, yes I dream a lot as well. Some I remember clearly, some slip away to barely recollect them only vague images. Do you live in a area the hurricane affected? perhaps it was telling you of things to come. I had a dream once that a red truck was going to hit where I lived, two nights later it did.

Hopefully you figure out your latest dream as a lot can be very jumbled.

Not even, I live in France lol, that’s why I thought it was weird.

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Well perhaps it was a vision of things to come or who knows exactly…I’m stuck in the USA. Hope you’re enjoying France

True, thank you…never thought I might be a seer. I’ll have to investigate that further. Do you have information where I may look into finding out if I could be? Thank you…I’m working on my own you tube series which will come out soon

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definitely a possibility ! you can obviously look into this on this site or any other references you may have. but hmm . clairvoyance is a leading clarity. let it guide you. the third eye is VERY useful for a seer. prophetic dreams are definitely a symptom. there are also senses of deja vu ALL the time (because everything already happened for you.) you get visions . they might start to get annoying depending on how much you get them, but it’s okay, learn to embrace your gift :joy:. you’re just also gonna keep being hit with knowledge. (although you might already have a sense of knowing everything , as claircognizance definitely plays a role in a seer as well.) you’re gonna see everything . insight from the divine for what’s going to happen next in your life, generally, or otherworldly . i’ve seen A LOT . just can’t do anything about those visions because who would believe them yano? anyways , if you have any of these symptoms, i’d look further into it. expand your ability. you have to know you have it first !!

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Thank you, I’m working on getting a better handle on this. Also working on a youtube series I’m putting together to help people with some things I know about and have a handle on

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