Dreams and shadow work

So I have been having these dreams where I’m either in jail or in a facility/institution. At a certain point it was almost every night but this stopped (right before corona).

Recently they’ve started back up and I 've noticed that they include people I used to consider friends that ultimately I found out just wanted something from me or to outright see me do bad and be hurt.

I was thinking that because I’ve starting doing shadow work this may be one of the reasons this is happening. I do meditate every night right before bed as well…

Any thoughts/insights are appreciated, thanks!


Do your dreams ever lead to a physical reality ?

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What do you mean, like what happens in my dream is the same place in my reality or what happens in my dream then happens in my reality?

I mean , like do your dreams ever forecast physical events that happen in your life

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Ok, well I’ll say this…when corona hit and suddenly my dreams of being locked up stopped I had this profound feeling that the dreams were showing me that this was going to happen. Now the dreams I’m having are of me being locked up but there different-like the friend aspect.

In these dreams are the friends locked up with you, or cause you to be locked up? How are these friends included in the dreams?

If you recently out these same friends bring negativity in your life, and you think the coronavirus lockdown was predicted by those dreams that stopped… It seems obvious you have a gift for dreaming. They are telling you things that are happening and that are going to happen. Simply remove those friends from your life or distance yourself from them, as your dreams seem to be warning you about them and their impact on you.

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