Dreams and Evocation

I’m new, but I’ve been in pursuit of trying to change my life for the past few months. I’ve tried researching EA, Frank White, Indigo Priestess and a couple others. I’m a firm believer in researching something.

anyway, I have a lot of vivid dreams, have for years. a couple months ago, I had a vivid one involving a person working with me on a film set (I have a deep desire to be a successful screenwriter). This person invited me in my dream to meet a few bigwigs, and I sat in on a viewing of a film. the person was really nice to me, and I felt like this was part of my life, that if I woke, this would still be going on.

I woke up with the name Lucifer on my lips and in my thoughts.

I tried an invocation, lighting candles and having drawn his sigil, I ended up feeling an electric buzz. I felt really good.
since this has happened, nothing. I have dreamed of him again, in a different guise. I still feel like it’s someone I’m comfortable with, but I feel a little lost. I tried a second time, nada. A third. Then I felt like I was bothering him…

I am desperate to get out of my current situation. I don’t know if I should just try working with someone more tailored to my needs, or that Lucifer is waiting…

sorry for the length. if anyone can give me any sort of advice or info, or maybe tell me what I’m doing wrong, I’d be grateful. time is moving, and I can’t hold the sand to save me.


Yes. Something to keep in mind regarding Gods and Magicians. Alot of Magicians will “associate” certain Gods with Past Pagan Gods. But at the same time they may even say One modern God is another modern God. There are different sectors in the magickal community. In one, people call entities/Gods by their literal name, while in others they will instead associate a God’s name as rather a “magickal current” which arise different forms. So in this case… Lucifer is Lucifer…but at the same time, other beings may arise from his current who are in fact of “Luciferian Energy,” but slightly different. This gets into the realm of Magickal Principles rather than just simply worshipping a certain God.

Thought this might help just in case you get confused on who you are communicating with.

thank you.