Dreams after Spell

I haven’t seen obsession from the person I cast the spell on yet but I have been seeing a lot of attention… I keep having dreams where I don’t text them for hours and they start blowing my phone up. And I feel like its instructions to give them less attention if I want the right results. What do you think?

Wish fulfillment dreams are common.

One of the risks of obsession spells so I’ve read on here, is that they can cause the operator to become more obsessed themselves.

You do want to not “lust for results”, which is a form of doubt that can screw up your workings, so I think you’re right - give less attention and let them wonder why you’ve suddenly gone quiet.


I believe your spell was successful. But like @Mulberry said its best to not be too eager to see results. It lessens the chances of your spell working but also you will see faster results this way.

Its a positive sign you had a dream about your intentions of the spell.
I hope everything works out for you! :slight_smile:

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Dreaming is a good way to know it’s impressed on your subconscious so I’d take that as a good sign.

That’s a mix of psychology and magic. But yes, sadly, I would agree with this. As much as I personally try and avoid this kind of game playing, it can be effective in the right circumstances, since you’re manipulating the power dynamic. It’s also far more personally empowering to choose this plan and execute it with a specific intent in mind, rather than feeling like you’re at the mercy of fate, or rather, like your mood and emotional state and happiness hinges on this person contacting you or not… if that makes sense.