Dreams about Lucifer

Hi :blush:
So, I never summon Lucifer or a demon that could be called by some “one of Lucifer’s mask”.
As a newbie to the LHP I only did two evocations (Marbas and Amon that both come to me in dream).
It’s been two nights that I dream about Lucifer, I cant remember what the dreams are about, but i wake up several times the two nights and each time I was dreaming about Lucifer and get the words “Morning Star” in my head. (Before falling asleep im just thinking about astral projection that i fail to achieve)
Yesterday, after the first night i took a tarot card while thinking about Lucifer and I get the Star.
As I already say I’m new to LHP, and I don’t really know how to interpret it. Am I obsessive? Or should I evoke him (whereas I have nothing to ask him)?






I agree with the above answer. Spirits try to talk to us via dreams sometimes. So you should summon him, since we wants to talk with you.


Thank your for the answer.
Should i have a reason/petition to summon him? I read that it is not good to ask for an entities without request.


It depends. Perhaps they have a reason, if they’re the ones who want to talk to you.

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Don’t worry about it. I’d been toying with the idea of working with Lucifer for quite some time, and I didn’t know why, or what I would ask for. He eventually popped up in my mind one night and basically told me (telepathically/psychically) it was time to start working on my ascension. Then I realised why I’d had the idea of working with Lucifer.

If you don’t call on him first, he might pop up one day and talk to you himself. :slight_smile:

Either way, it’s nothing to worry about.

Also, dreams can be a way to show you what’s up ahead. Sounds like working with Lucifer is in your future.

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Thank you for the answer.

When do you think you are going to work with him?

As im a total newbie I’m surprised he appeared in my dreams. I plan to do it this week, im learning the LBRP first to do it easily and then i will call Lucifer. I don’t hear entities but i plan to use my tarot cards to communicate with him.

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Don’t be surprised. Lucifer is beginner-friendly. And you won’t need to learn the LBRP to call on him. Imo it’s a bit odd to call on the four archangels for centering and clearing when you’re calling on a being like Lucifer.

The exorcism from Kingdoms of Flame will suffice and is much easier and quicker to learn - or even use this Sumerian banishing ritual. It’s an excellent one.