Dreams about killing or suicide

Hi so i have been having these dreams about my father lately who i havent seen in 12 years. I am dreaming about him killing himself either by gun shot or hanging also dreamed about me killing him by bashing his skull pushing him down some stairs and locking him up in a sort of the conjuring looking basement.
Just thought id ask if this is a demon telling me something side note i have been sleeping with blue kyanite which effects dreams…

Sometimes our dreams are just about our deepest fears. I’ve had at least 15 dreams of myself dying in certain ways (dilibrate car crashes, using a gun while walking in the snow, being ripped apart without fighting back…), but I’m still alive because Death Herself told me that my time hasn’t come yet.

I wouldn’t say to dismiss it completely though. I’ve had many dreams come true (albeit not as my visions would have my believe), but I’ve had just as many dreams not come true. Try sleeping without the crystal for at least a couple of weeks and see if the dream persists; it might be important if they persist with the crystal absent.

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If you are convinced look into seers. It could be a metaphor for things.

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Read Carl Gustav Jung. After that you will understand the nature of dreams and yourself. It will cost time but you would learn much about dreams, magick and your mind.


Reading and understanding Carl Jung is a heavy task. Not to be taken lightly.
But then again, the psyche itself is not easy to understand, to begin with.

It would require years of study, and a high intellect, capable of grasping high levels of abstractions, and that should be highlighted.
Keitel is right about it, being time consuming.

I’m right now, taking notes from a Jordan Peterson, 24+ hours course, which is almost finished. So, I speak from experience, as doctor Jordan can be qualified as a jungian psychologist.


The stone has enchanced my dreams greatly it has made them more vivid.