First entry: Lilith? Could that be here?
Pieces of last nights dream(i slept from ~3 to 10.30 am.)

In the beginning: strange scenes in a city, a mix of dresden, hastings and some medievil shit.
~For some reason were we crossdressing -an not even good, more like a cosplay -and the people just looked at us. ~The guy who invited us was an ashole, so the thing was shortlived.

Later, i came to help my Brother, to a building site at a square -gardener works but also an stuff with cement and tones had to be done. -it was the square infront of the church at the “Luisenstraße” in Dresden.

Then, all changed.

First, i thought it were, just a woman. -No, not even a woman, just a stupid girl who likes to mess with people.

We first met in real life, at her place -i was very upset, and even found her hidden flat, in a old and greenpainted building, made of sandstone and bricks. (somewtime between 1850 and 1930 builded)

Her flat was hiddien, disguised as a storageroom for the janitor.

Then, she showed me her amazing equibment:
Pretty much every one to who she felt interested -or just attacked -or she had the feeling that she needed to watch that person. ~That persons computers, smarthpones, tablets and flat was on screens. -i was not the first one. ----I came in contact with her, since she scammed me on the web, and i was up to kill some fat ass hacker…but she was cute -beautiful.

Black hair, and smaller than i am -and i’m 1,75m …she must be something at the end of 150 or somewhere in the 160’s. Her age was a mysterie, and i didn’T asked her one time.

She, then invited me into “thre truth” -she is a witch, a amazingly powerfull one.

The first thing she did for me, is that she created a clone of me, so that one would go to work, while i had time to study with her…

It was pretty fast known, that she was indeed narcissitic -sometimes, that she was sadistic -sometimes, that i’m maybe the only “servitor” she had.NO, i was no servitor:
she was in debt, that is what brought me to her… but i fell in love with her.

She turned hundreds of times, changed me so often so horrific -explicit: my head,
so that i was somethimes forced to take my consciosness out of it.

We were at beautil -giant gardens, at her place at some beach, and at her hidden place in some abadont school -where i met the servitors.

She knew that they are hating me: i was with her, jsut some months, and came her closer than they in decades or centuries. >They were like living shadows, human and with white skin and all…(not fangs but) their shape was the most of the time just 80-92% (or something) fullycondensed. -they failed, they became monsters…not magicians, no gods…monsters.
-They were even more upset, as i was kidding ~i mentioned an exorcism and to kill them (she was not against is, and felt in a minor way betrayad as i cleared it up, and sayd that it was a joke…in actuality: it wasn’t, but they were to powerfull -especially on the physical plane -and i thought to be born human…so.

Back to them: they attacked me -but i couldn’t die. -I was protected, or at least able to regenerate from the greatest damages (like…missing limbs, organs…a cutted off head)
but still felt pain and fear.

Anyway. As we met them, as she showed me them in irder to warn me, to make me look at what i could became, if i fail…and after they attacked me -somewhere in the time during…she changed. NO, she remembered things which supposed to stay dead and forgotten.

She turned mad… like a tsundere-god-lover

I saw things… she was ages ago, a mighty magician or a goddess -or a the more pronounced female part of an deity…her “housband” was a creature/god of the sea, and they destroyed and drowned so many -entire tribes and races.

Later, after that vision -during which i wasn’t attacked, but the other felt into awe…and saw the connection between me and her… (was i, the re-incarnated god? her male half which returned?)

LAter, we returned to her place at the beach…the people from the school hideout and other servitors also came. -We were attacked ~i had no weapon, not even a knife, and i was just there for her…presence, her being and all the knowledge i absorbed like a sponge.

She was…“not her self” as they came, and she decided to do the most stupid thing she could have done…(was she just too sad or lazy to fight them off? i coulnd’t die, but i that just since months…so i still feared death for no reason) She created, out of the bodies of ages human servitors (was this planned? did she know that we are going to be attacked?)

…she turned them into something she called %$&§$&§$ ?!§-“guardiens” (i don’t remember the full term. -> they were living corpses, filled with blindly raging entities.
-I read before, that they were intendet to be a “final solution”, that they were used to make the retreat a bit easier. -But the problem was: i weren’t on retreat, we were waiting, to we were not able to dodge those raging undead, who killed the intruders and some servitors. -well, not the shadows i mentioned earlier.

I don’t know how it went on…i woked up after i saw her, guiding some guards in modern armor, to a hidden storage for food or ritual material to rest. She even offered some blankets an pillows, but they were saying something like, that their suits were allready enough.

In that time during that short lived konversation, she seemed to me like a mother, protecting her “children”. -for some reason was at the hidden place before they opened it…i was waiting for her.

I’m worried: what if my “hideout” is this reality? This plane and dimension?..
Was she Lilith? Who was she…she was looking like a mix of italian and nordic gens, but was pale in a “just right” bleached vanilla tone. Black hair, like a lion-mane -just sliiiightly curled

She i was beautiful. And idon’t wanna forget her, but dreams/times on the astral plane tend to go forgotten.

I love this abusive, but somehow still adorable, vulnerable, amiable and dignified woman.
And with her, did i feel whole -no urges to change shape, gender abilities and charakter… i was whole with her. And as she completed me for the time during all of those months, which feel now like rushed trough, she seemed to feel ashamed -she seem to recognize something/-one in me, and she felt ashamed for how terrible she is doing. (Who am i? Who were i?)

I miss her allready, and i blame myself, because so many things are going on…i may forget the time we had.


*Tears. -More like from pain than from sadness.

Below is the video a really nice user gave me the link for. :wink: thanks

Really intersting… because like mentioned, the woman i was with,
was pretty much fitting the image of a tsundere.
~Very impulsive with drastic mood changes *sometimes.
But also very seductive, but in an dignified way, that beats every cheap tease i witnessed before.
-If she wants it, yoo will know it -and without question: its going to be incredible <3


Dreamlog, second entry:

Much less have i kept in memory… it was crazy, i can tell.

A lot of weird stuff, and unfortunately there was no glimps of Lilith :’(

I hope that i will met her again…

Third entry.

Its been days since i wrote something in here, so i do it now.
~the latest dream was filled with sexuality and guilt

Someone i used to “know” was very importend.
-And for some reason, were the people from my middle school days also there.

It was weird, instead of going by the bus to a destination, we were in boats in a canal…
-Were we at the “Bodensee”? I remember her pictures and the times she mentioned the place.

-I was so desperate, because i wanted -or more like NEEDED to get a gift for her…
And somerwhere during this chaos, i separated from the group and was trying to get something for her. -Later a weird scene : a tunnel on the canal…and i was meeting a woman their, she was telling me something like: “i know i look younger, but the scent of a woman changes with growing age” She wanted me to ‘taste’ her -i guess for the favour to give me a gift for my girlfriend. -And…well…i licked her for that favour…

It seems, that i was too late -in the end, to match up with her at time.

I don’t know how it ended, but i don’t like how much influence my past has still on me.

Scachea/Svenja YOU BITCH!

Huh… well its not something i made, but E.A. was talking about it “some time” ago.

In one phase of the dream, -which was basicly a reboot of another dream years ago,
was it about me and some kid, driving back home with a sledge -from one village to another.

After some time gliding down the village’s main street, we ended up in a curve,
i decreased the speed,
as i saw a wolf right at the end of the curve -still pretty slow moving forward,
i could have prayed that this thing was just some dog, or at least not following us.
It was indeed following us. -And after the experience we allready had, with the trurh about the local lore about faries and demon-wolfes (only the old people and the children were believing those stories, -me too, thats why this dream was so allreay “well known” to me.
It was tradtion that the children would present the washed down versions of the legions in our small theater -which is the pretty much only one in this rural area (the original stories must be terrifying) BACK TO THE ENCOUNTER AT THE CURVE

Terrifyed, but not as much as i was as it happened to myself the first time -yeeears ago
I was pressing all my weigth upon the brake, so no artificial counterpressure was created.

-In the matter of seconds, we got away from the curve pretty fast.
The wolf made no sound -except with his tapping paws on the frozen ground.

I tried to use my weight -and certain movemoments to create more momentum in the curves, and on my way in general. ~But i had underestimated the speed of that animal.

I saw some police car parking on the side, with men standing there with some coffee or something. -probably there to watch for the kids return after the theater.

I yelled desperately, _because i was with a child and had just a knife of “”"“illegal length”"""(ridiculous) in my pocket.

I yelled and yelled -the kid wasn’t as stupid as i may thought, and also started to calling out for those guys in the uniforms.

~As we passed the car, i looked across my right shoulder, just to see that damn thing directly behind us only like 50meters or 55yards away that stupid beast.

Yes, i was panicking -and lucky that the kid couldn’t see it, because we were up to drive upwards and loose all of our speed.

Noises and lights were following us -i bet that at least one of the men were related or even the father of the kid

Our sledge startet to glide across the first meters of that little mountain,
and really unexpected for german conditions(but well, were were on the land) -shots

I didn’t saw them to hit the thing, but i didn’t expect them doing so -the wolf was moving, so the target should be harder to hit, as long as it refuses to walk a linear fashion

With support of my feet managed we it to reach the first meters after the sign which was covered in snow like a thick pullover.

It was moments before i could get off the sledge as another black creature -but not a wolf
knocked us over.

I had no time.

Kicked that thing back, tried to get myself as some shield before the kid,
and just as i managed to get out my little knife, shots stopped that thing.

It was probably the father, because he emptied like a single stack magazine on that thing.
-They had us in great view, so they didn’t came to us directly, but first reported and tried to calm down the guy who had shot.

The kid didn’t cried.

It told him -first like a joke, but that turned out serious.
That a sword would have solved our problem too, and i added that a machete would have been also just enough, and i maked him face the fact that he should be greatful, that i hadn’t to fight off this thing. -Told him that i only had this knife and the machete would be illegal.
Surprisingly, he was realizing, that he was saved, but the people who saved him could have killed him another day -because it is against the law to carry such a blade.

I was totally forgetting that this was probably too much of a kid,
and actually told him how much of the hand could have cost him a single bite of that animal.
-Remembering this, i wanna slap my face for being such a jerk.

Then he cried.
(Wow, i’m such an ass to kids :hushed: )

I try to get the main part of the lore together.

Fairies; they used to protect the children -but with christianity and the lack of offerings they stopped, and just warned people but didn’t helped them. ~They turned week through the disbelieve.

Wolfes and the theater.

~Great part of the story, was build around to hide a ritual of sacrifice.
One kid dies and its blood dyes the snow of the market place of our town -or in the washed down version: The kid was just bitten, and the hero of the story had to fight the strongest of wolfes -the alpha, so they will have piece for a few years (3 or 7 was it -idk)

What really happened.

~To prevent in harsh winters, that wolfes would kill all of the hungry villagers,
they sacrificed one child, but killed also the alpha -who that was, was told from the fairies,
and one child -born blind, would work as a medium -the link between.

But. -After centuries of hiding from and fight against the christian -the rituals stopped.
The 19th century. -Now was more food available during the whole year, because they found great amounts of coal and silver.

The last people who knew about the “legends”, grabbed their muskets and killed every single wolf in the area, and kept the alpha alive -like to make him suffer (idk)
-It turned out, that the overnext village was soon overun with wolfes, but people had forgotten the legends, and every year a child was dissappearing -but the wolfes had become greater in numbers.

The wolves were like -the dark offspring of the local “god”
-more like the spirit in the soil and land of those villages, who wanted some sort of tribut.
The ancient people were honoring the spirit, were fasting and stuff, but at some point did that stopped.

The spirit turned angry, as they were cutting off the trees and were eating the rich amount of fruits in the summer -without any prayer, offering and so on.
-Even times of hunger could not re-awaken the old pact.

Thats how everything started.

In the semi-old lore of the town,
the god/spirit isn’t mentioned as such anywhere. Just as some “evil and demonic” mother of the wolfes. It was only mentioned that with the “rising anger” of the “demon”, the
wolfes turned into something else.

Thanks for reading, i could have written something more detailed about my “homecoming” to the village, -i was attacked in the Dresden far away from the town and with the excuse of winter-vacation in the old village was i trying to understand the whole crazyness that happened to me.
~One of the first encounters was a wolf-like creature on our great balkony.(Our flat is on the 6th floor?!)
(((It was this alternative neighboorhood which i have wittnessed multible times over the years)))
One time, the snow was taking from by some fary-thing, or whatever that was, and it died in agony, as my warm hands and the opened window, with the warm air from inside melted it.
(I’m such a natural dick to everyone XD)
-It just screamed and called to me, that i shall return -or something.
Crazy shit man! BUT; that was just like…the first or the first two parts of the whole dream.
But i have a hard time to get things together…its now so blurry.
~I allready strechted my time of sleep from 7pm-3am to 3am to 9am…so i’m a kinda lucky that i remember anything.

P.S.: I’m going to buy a machete and a black powder pistol (something which i had to wait for some time, because of financial chaos)

P.P.S.: We, are going to a late vacation anyway. -I remember now: this february did we planed our time in the Erzgebirge… coincidence?? But wait… the village in the dream was more like around Moritzburg…(?) but i guess that means nothing, because in dreams in everything is twisted/alternative anyway.


“Little Pistol”

Up on my side, where it is felt
I pack a little pistol on my pistol belt
I think it might be fear
Of the world and the way it makes you feel afraid

Under the skin, against the skull
They put a little chip so that they know it all
I think I might be scared
Of the world and the way it makes you feel afraid
And how it gets in the way

And now I want brimstone in my garden
I want roses set on fire
And I, well I want what’s best for me
And I, I think I know just what that means
Just what that means

Today I coo, today I caw
I have a pistol party and I kill ‘em all
I think I might be scared
Of the man and the men with their hands inside
And the women, oh, the women all they do is cry
And I, well I lose my mind

And now I found brimstone in my garden
I found roses set on fire
And I found Jesus, what a liar
So I trade licks with Muddy Waters

And I, well I found what’s best for me
And now I see no tragedy
And I, I found a burning rose
And now I won’t be packing little pistols
No, no, no more

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I’m going to tell you, a part of a dream that was quite interesting for me.

, a woman with black hair, living in what once was a church,
surrounded by a bit of water. She was allways wearing something like a shiny and long white dress.

For a little compensation, she offered the people to maker their dreams come through.

But she gave me not what i expected, she gave me a piece of lead, of the size of a small hand.
~It fell molten into my hand, and was cooling down instantly.

I didn’t knew what to give her, so i took a bunch of money with me -thats what she turned into lead.

Now, i was supposed to turn this lead into something else, in her laboratory.

-Too bad it wasn’t finished, i was paniking as i found out that she was gone.

I’m curious, if i can make a servitor create a video file from my dream, or at least a code or mantra, that would make me experience this very dream in its entirety, once again.


I found myself here, in my bed, after around twelve or thirteen hours of sleep.
~After 5pm.


Our clan and my family, were sons of Lucifer.
~Everyone who wasn’t worth taking the throne of Satan, had to age and die.
And to bring forth more generations, which may take the throne instead.

We had to face certain challenges, like being stuck into another world,
which was more or less literally like a computer game, but we had to play after their rules,
otherwise their wouldn’t have been much of a competition.
/// I even had memories of playing certain parts of it, as a PS1 image on my PSP///
/// but as i woked up later: those memories proofed to be wrong. The game never existed///

All kinds of horrors, beings, monstrousities and weird social situations had i to face.
Really strange moments, like when i was on a field, and decided to not break the neck of a bird, even with it being responsible for missing seeds and therefore a decline in profit.
I felt the gooses heartbeat, felt its warmth and oily feathers. As i holded it, it was struggled with breathing, due to my strong grip around its neck, because it was trying to fly away.
Idk what convinced me to not kill that animal. As far as i’m concerned: no-one was there duri
ng that scene.

The field i was talking about above, seemed to have been part of some educational center -don’t ask me what kind. Because idk much except: there ware class rooms, in something that looked and actually was partially a green house.

The people around me, didn’t gave much attention to my presence.
I was like a ghost. ~Sure, i interacted with people, but it was like, that theyv seemed to know about my existence as a regular thing, only during the time we interacted with each other.
Means: only if i wanted somthing from them. They had no interest on their own.

Other scenes contained chases on empty public places, and airports, parks, japanese houses and roman/ or middle age like tent-settlements.

Note: My father was at that place, more like the person i should have had, not the sociopathic bunch of trash he actually is.
Note: Is saw my grandfather, he just died at the end of last year. ~He was full of joy, and it seemed natural for him to be there.
Note: The clan (many families) ware meeting for some kind of festivity, on a place with huge tents, reminding me to nordic settlements. There ware so many tables and rooms. The ground of the place was ancient,build with some kind of cobble stones. The scene could also have been taking place in Ireland, or some rural place in germany, idk.
Note: for some reason, i felt like if the family was proud of me, being such “good candidate” for the throne, which build out of a allchemically altered wood, and so could last millenia.

I didn’t my mother, grandma and i don’t remember seeing any female person on that place.
~Sure, on my way to the moutain(flat top), i saw some people, but those didn’t came to the event, or ware only serivce personal for the traditional food stalls.

Dreams from the recent days

Like Harry Potter, with steampunk and dirtier -way more serious.
~The builds ware highltech, but also originally build in barrock times -some scenes, even happened on some old streets of Dresden. Btw: i don’t visit them often.

People ware after me, again. But not just people. Animals and monsters also.
~the mandatory chase scenes ware also there. Btw: i remember a scene, at which i realized that i was faster on all fours than on just my legs, weird.

The other magicians brought me to a court, and due to some rather weird events,
they overlooked the legal necessity for penalty, and faced the real threat instead.
~Something was going on.
Random killings, missing people and strange entities, interuppted the regular flow of the wizard schools shedule. ~Which lead to me, and a bunch of “friend”-charakters, to explore the obiously magic place, because it was cleary working partially without to follow laws of physics, chemistry and reason. ~~~Portals, stuff that glows but shouldn’t. Stuff that should kill you but doesn’t. Stuff that kills you, but shouldn’t.

Tons of rather interesting social and other events, which make my expierence look more serious than Harry Potter ever will. Its like: Harry Potter, but without the censored-glasses of Harry, made by J.K. Rowling.

Redundant conclusion

My mind is full of fear and potential. And i gotta do whatever it takes, to become more.

Ich was 10 year old boy ~somewhat brown-ish looking with black hair and a sharp tongue.
The language was spanish/ portuguese, and there were those parties:
(order represents status)

??? = rich (lawyers, polititians who are part of the on partie that has to say something)
buisness men of course, people yougot the money of their former royal ancesthors,
people in leading positions of military and law enforcement AND the paratmilitary “police” who was the biggest of those three, directly followed my military and the actual police was just to fill the gabs. And people who had anything todo with pharmaceutics.

??? = (their wealth is compareable to our upper middle class)
Those people are the ones who are producing crops, either -> peasants with their more or less hightec and therefore mostly one man buisnesses -but those supply the majority of people.
No one free in any way, they all are employees by corps -and no one is allowed to grow things, if you don’t follow the restrictions of the corps and pay the taxes + the food you produce is allmost worth nothing, so every peasant has great, great areas to grow ‘his’ “food”.

Now we get to the majority of people:

Ayans = those people as basicly the workslaves, and who is born one is branded to stay one.
All of those people have barcodes of their wrists (forcefully tattooed) and a rfid chip in their left ear. Ayans work in factories, work on assembly lines or carry heavy packages. They get fed with GMOs, which make them obey without question + media (but kids get different food -the excuse is that those have to grow, but in actuality: childrens minds decay if they got fed with that stuff, so they get that brainwashing shit as they reach 14[i guess you now get what its importend to say that i was a kid] +the elderly get systematicly killed by “food” specific made for them.)
Those people have to history or identity, they just exist to work their asses off and die, shorty after they got 60 and recieve the “great meal” which makes them fall assleep and never wake up again.

Its importend to note, that Ayans also work partly in but most commenly around jails:
they bring new supplies.

And now we come to the lowest group in our fashist society:

(i forgot the name, but it was similar to “betrolor” or “pethro-alor”
= people in “jail”

Needless to say, that people who are too old get killed instantly.
And if the jails are full, even those who steal handbags/purses get shot with small caliber(its cheaper)or they get used as actors for fear proganda -for “realistic” footage of “war” and “terrorism”.

People if they commit what society calls “crimes”, get killed or brought into jails/labs.
They are their, to test new brainwashing methods, new pesticides, new biological weapons, new gmo’s, new sigils (->media->magical and psychological englaving marketing)
No useless tests on people anymore: the pharmaceutics corps take real people.

I was one of them. They brought me to jail, because in the village i lived in, even there is it forbidden to question the system. Just as socialist tell the extensive exaggeration that: “if you destroy property you also destroy people!” But our system was more simplistic:

Questioning the “order”, leads to “false fantasies and dangerou ideas and idiologies”,
which then turns you into a terrorist.

So… its no surprise that i got into jail, for asking:
“Why do we need barcodes? Why do we need chips? I mean… i got a name! People know who i am and could just ask for my name -its what we always do when we meat strangers -don’t we?”

For this statement, did they brought my into their lab/jail.

It didn’t take so long, until i got some sympathy from the other prisoners.
Since they need “clean” subjects, they don’t eat the regular brainwashing stuff, otherwise, the new stuff that was about to be tested on them, wouldn’t work that well.

To shorten things: i got out. I had my charm and that smile where one teeth was missing, which usually made people smile back. Even the “doctors” liked me, and you could see in their faces, that they showed some signs of guilty concience.

And some time later, after many test of mind and body (including obstacle courses, that even got some killed)

As i got out, i met a eldery Ayan -she was willingly fasting, which was fine, since she only served a low administrative/logistic function. She was throwing “arguments” at my head, and i replied honestly and with tongue that was as sharp as a knife. In the end, i could convince her to let me try to run for it. She also had a grandchild, and since she was fasting, she knew that the food and work and society would do to her. So i wasn’t the only one running.

we were running on the side of and in sewer, that led out of the area -into the country side
but we had to pass one small town first, an we had to jump, near to a bridge, into the water again, since a regular cop (looking like that he was glad to not be a Ayan, but was still looking lean and near to starvation. He grabbed his used up radio instantly and followed us to the edge.

Somehow, we made it out of the country. And we met people who head holes in their ears, and scars at their wrist = people who also got out, but would be recognized by lawenforcment instantly.

And now, i had become the lowest of the lowest.
~I wouldn’t be recognizes as part of “society” anymore, but as enemy, who has to be exterminated. Good luck for me: because of my age, i didn’t had a barcode, nor a chip.

I was able to just run away.

the “adventures” of a Neoteric 2.0
part I

I was born, again.
That toddler grew and grew, and i got tired waiting for that stupid piece of ####### ??? ~Anyway, as i FINALLY had a new vessel, i was drawn to piece together my
fragmented memories. In between the places, where i would find a fragment, i got attacked by altered and controled animals repeatedly.

The most noteable place, where my main fragment was hidden, brought back a flash of returning memory sequences.

In dream version 1.0, i escaped “the act of punishment”, in 2.0 i didn’t -why you ask?
~Because the elder killed me -sort of(it was a totally epic fight! naah, they kinda just zapped you into nothingness SHUT UP!!) , and i managed to preserve my spirit,
by jumping back in time. Wait… if we consider the rebirth thing…isn’t that actually version 2.5 of the dream? SHUT UP! And listen, because now i take a step back, to explain the lore/needtoknow facts of that world!

the “adventures” of a Neoteric 2.0
part II

Its not, since the return of the memories linked the shit that happened to the child, where mixed and sorted on a timeline along with my own memories.

The fuck are “Neoterics” ? And why do you keep capitalizing the first latter?

  1. I was going to explain that in just a moment,
  2. Screw you! Its because i can.

The last piece of the puzzle came together, as i visited one of very last “wise women”,
speaking to the children in a orphanage.

She told the stories, and i didn’t had to feed up my patience, since i was too buisy sucking up what i had forgotten (in the years this shitty child had to grow)

THE ELDER, are the first beings -supposedly
each one has its own territory:


And the unnamed one, who no one but the elder knew to some degree,
who danced the spirits into the world.

~As you can see, it makes sense that some of them “danced together” some parts of the known world into existence.

.:. NOTE .:.
Human kind, belongs to none.
The unnamed one gifted some of them with all the abilities of the elder,
of course, just in a smaller scale -but still, they were not restricted to just one aspect of the world, since they came to being after it got created.

the “adventures” of a Neoteric 2.0
part III

Now we reach the point, where things get messy.
~The elder (as known and seen as obvious by any black Neoteric), have been furious and jeallous, that their silent father, gave to man kind, those shortlived ants gifts GREATER than their own. They saw themselves as superior.

So they bound together, and managed to rob most of mankind their powers, the silent father stopped them, which made their anger even grow, and they created pacts with the creatures they hated to much, and in exchange for more potent abilities, the very few people who still had abilities, would have to obey their laws and will.

And so came to be, the obnoxious “white neoterics” (small N since they are restricted) The fathers wrath was felt vibrating, strong enough to frighten the elder. He gave some of the very last neoterics visions of history, made them know how things came to be, which resulted in some neoterics betraying their “masters” and choosing their own path, but keeping the powers of the elder.

the “adventures” of a Neoteric 2.0
part IV

.:. The black Neoterics.
And now my entanglement to the beings and groups mentioned above can be explained.

As you probably guessed it: the silent father/ the unnamed one, has power over the realm of spirit. AND, he gave mankind power over spirit -alongside all other parts of nature.

The elder could take away most of the abilities, but what later became shamans and witches,
have been possible because of the residue of the abilities of the elder, and the ability that is latently active in all man kind: the control over the realm of spirits.

So there were not just the offspring of the rebells, but also awakened humans,
who joined together -if they don’t got brainwashed by the RHP neoterics, into believing their powers being the cause of all so called “evil” and bla bla BLA.

With the aid of spirits -which were not under the control of the elder, of course,
any power mentioned above, and more could be achieved.

And you probably guessed it:
The elder did like to put a little holocaust upon those people,
every once in a while.

And, of course: black neoterics like to kill the white pussies.

So THAT is what “the great punishment” was about.
We were the greatest [black] Neoteric group since ancient times,
almost the entire university, were secretly studying the forgotten, the forbidden and entirely hidden arts.
(And the search for eternal life, which is something the elder keep for themself.)

So now you know, why the altered animals were after me.

the “adventures” of a Neoteric 2.0
part V

.:. The great “punishment”.

They came, created horrible shapes and monstrosities,
to scare, attack and push us into a corner,
in 1.0 i ran through the door, and got away somehow,
but this time, i looked myself into the storage room.

The effects put on to us by the enemy almost made me shit my pants,
they used most of our powers against us, like:

With me, who studied mostly plants in 2.0, they tried to turn my body into wood and strangle myself -starting with the hands. Others, who studied animals, got turned into beats to kill the others ,and later die of their deformation. Those who were strong in the control of the winds, just exploated into a bloody mess.

It was a massacre.

I ran into the storage rooms, and had to act quick, the frame of the room was made up of
tree trunks, the leaves were visible in floors above
I pressed my deformed hands against the trunk, and put my spirit into the tree,
not sure if that would save me, i split myself to the roots and out of the leaves and out into the world.

the “adventures” of a Neoteric 2.0
part VI

As i returned to the point, where i sort of uhm… “died”,
i found the wooden figure that once was me, melted into the tree.

The fools of the university -those who replaced the dead.
Thought of it as some sort of art, and painted my wooden corpse,
even drew a smile on my screaming face… The fuck were those people even thinking??

~Anyway, i left the university, no giving a damn about how bad i looked,
pale and sweating, with the headache of two lifes smashed into one brain!

With the knowledge of my powers returning, i was able to unconsciously change my form back to what i was looking like at the age of my new vessel. At least some of my former self returned to my appearance.

With some -now blurry, encounters of those changed creatures of the elder,
i ended up at the orphanage, somewhere in a small town of a rural area,
the orphanage was surrounded by trees, and the rumors confirmed my feelings’ assumption.
The people were calling it: the witches house. With some humor in mind, lacking any hate or fear,
because the place practically screamed out the feeling of being home.

I guess, thats where i grew up at route 1.0

With an excuse, that the hotel was full, i asked for the guest room, that i -for some reason, knew that was there.

Later, i sat there, some feet away from the children, also listening to the old woman’s hypnotic but lovely voice, telling the stories about the elder, from a white neoteric perspective, hidden in the cloak of supposed fairy tales.

My headache returned, and it felt like a mechanical construct of nails in my head, trying to destroy itself.

All, came back to me.

the “adventures” of a Neoteric 2.0
part VII

The elder spirits, are spirits of guidance and good will,
they protect the nature and mankind from chaos.

In fact, they created the world in the first place.

Some where chosen to be their representatives, and given great powers.
In order to keep ballance and happyness, the good in the world.

But then, some chosen got greedy beyond the point of recognition,
they turned against the elder spirits, who felt sad and have been betrayed.

They started to worship a great evil one, and talking to the shadows beyond the usual line of sight.

The elder sat together, worried about the fate of the world, and felt terribly sorry for what was about to come -but they had no choice, they had to safe the world and all that is good from chaos and evil, born from their former chosen ones.

So they decided, smart as foxes as they were, to turn thepowers of the evil wizards against them,

With a heavy heart, but knowing they world was saved, they ended up victorious.

“Where do the elder live? Where could one find them?” - i asked.

She was puzzled, and for a moment, she fell lost her calm temper.

The elder are found, in a forest land, protected from the eyes of people,
since they would not stand the great power, which they would feel, by the sheer presence of the elder.

Thats also one of the reasons, why the elder needed their chosen ones in the first place.

“Jana, are you chosen one? You seem to know sooo much about these things.”
°a child asked

To say the truth, my mother gave me that i know, and she got it from her father, and he from his father, and he from his mother, and so on and so forth.

I insisted on a real answer, and asked: What does the place look like, the residence of the elder?

And another time, i felt her loosing the grip over the situation, and now children who haven very concentrated listeners also jumped in and asked:

“Yeah, what does their home look like?”

Their treehouse, is build between two ancient cherry tree, who are as old as the world itself.
A sweet one on the left, and a sour one of the right, symbolizing how life can be sweet and sour sometimes.

I thought, they would live in both of them… -i thought out loud

“Do you already know the stories mister?”

I heard them when i was little, but i don’t think my memory has stood up to the effects of time…

Uhm, CHILDREN, its late already, lets go to bed. Mister, didn’t you say you gotta leave early?

Oh yes, you are right…very early.

“Ohhh…thats too bad, exactly where things got interesting…”

Don’t worry, i will tell you more stories tomorrow.

the “adventures” of a Neoteric 2.0
part VIII

The children left, but i stood there, sitting,
looking at her, my eyes trying to pierce her brain
while scratching my chin.

W-why don’t you leave?

Where, do the elder live?

°Sigh, i should have known whats coming, since you asked, i felt like something was off.

“WHERE, do the elder live?”
I repeated, now louder. And as i did so, i unconsciously send a wave through the place,
the cages opened, and the bunnies, birds, cats, dogs and so on, joined us.

Now they asked too, where the elder lived. And while doing so, they got closer and more insistend each time.

Tell me, now, where they are, or i’ll make you tell me what i wanna know.
Its your choice, how unpleasent things will need to become.
~Feel those beaks at your sides? One false move, and i’ll form them to blades in a split second.

°She told me where i had to go. And i told the animals not to kill her,
and not to burn down the trees, as they suggested me.

One animal, one that really liked and cared well for, was seemingly very conflicted.

You too? I’m sorry that- “That you teached me to suppress my nature? … you are forgiven.”

(what i did with the animals, was freeing their spirits from certain restrictions)

I remembered now… in 1.0 i blew up the council or court room of the elder,
they used to discuss their usual matters in the sweet cherry tree, and war matters in the sour one.

Now, i returned to them -holding them under my grip, forcing them into the air,
“asking” them to grant me my wish, to start a line of execptional strong (N)eoterics,
and each one, would reincarnate, either in our family or in another, thereby spreading our gift.

To be honest, i was not able to kill them, but holding those fools in the air for a minute,
and telling them that i would just return over and over again, and bring ruin to what they made,
if they would attempt to kill me.