Dreaming of Sigil of Baphomet, am i being contacted?

A few months back i had started working with the energy of Baphomet (as an entity) . But i i have been holding off for a while because of me having to get ready for moving which will happen in a few days. Ive been under a lot of stress and anxiety.
(FYI this was my backstory)

Anyway 2 nights ago i had a dream of the sigil of baphomet (like the church of satan uses) huge and black and hovering over my dinner table. It kept staying right there, then it was like i looked away for a minute then looked back again. The symbol changed, there was no pentagram part, it was just the circle and the goat head changed to more of the shape of the head of the original Baphomet drawing, except it was completely blackened out and all i can see from it was its eyes watching me. I didnt feel fear or anything.

Is this Baphomet trying to beackon me back to him/her?

You should call him and ask, or you can grab your favorite divination tool and ask the meaning of the dream

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