Dreaming of Satagraal the third night now - A Call from him?

I’m dreaming from Satagraal the third night now.
Last night it was a dream about learning magic and so strange I can’t explain it. While dreaming I got clear about this was about (and maybe from)

Could it be him calling me through my dreams?
I often dream surreal that I can’t explain what I dreamed but last night was about learning magic marked with the name ‘Satagraal’, like learning from him without seeing him.

Satagraal is since before these dreams one of my evocative targets.


Magic has always fascinated human beings it has the power to create unusual things. To see or to perform magic in one’s dream is indicative of wonder and creativity.

With this dream the name ‘Satagraal’ was strongly connected. It seemed like learning from him.


I feel he is, I summoned him few days ago so I can imagine.

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You sure?
How is he?

I will call him through a mirror.
His name was like a stamp in every dream
I had of him.

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The first time Satagraal reminded me of him wasn’t actually in a dream. I was short before awaking and clear and bit my teeth what would have been painful in real allday life, then the name ‘Satagraal’ popped up in my mind in this state.