Dreaming me

I wasn’t aware we could post poetry so here’s this. I wrote it years ago when I was extremely depressed and beginning my travels in this world.
No sun & nowhere to set
As bright as the night will ever get
Horizons of skin
I’m inside looking in
Awakened & taken in deep
To the pantheon of my sleep
I can’t help but envy
The dreaming me


That’s beautiful

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Many thanks.
I was extremely depressed when i was younger. I poured it into poetry.

I can sympathize. I went through a terrible time for little reasons other than my own overthinking self. Belial was my confidant and my muse, and I have many songs and poems dedicated to him.

But I have to say, times of depression also led me through a lot of self-discovery and spiritual epiphany. I now view that time as an ordeal that I was bound to overcome.

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