Dreaming about target every night

Every. Single. Night… for at least 3 months I have dreamt about the same person. It’s the person I had been doing love work on (haven’t done any in a month or so cause I’ve stopped caring about it so much). But it’s kind of hard to continue not to think about him when I dream about him every single night!

Do you think the magick backfired and the “think of me/dream of me” work went onto myself instead? Or is it a sign that it’s working?

Could also just be simple psychology where I think about him so much that he’s in my dreams, but it seems like the more I detach from him the more I dream. Any thoughts?

From what I’ve heard, Love magick has a tendency to affect both parties sometimes - not just the target. It seems like that’s what has happened.

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How did you perform the spell? The key to love magic is to visualize and feeling the target wanting you from THEIR perspective, did you just imagine it from your perspective? (this is the most common cause for what you’ve described- installing obsession in yourself)


I tried to mostly imagine from his POV but I might have slipped up a few times. That does make sense

Darn, I guess in that case it might be confirmation that it’s working then? If it’s affecting me this much hopefully it’s going both ways… wish there was a way to lessen my attachment while increasing theirs tho

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Love is a two-edged sword.

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take notes. whatever your doing, it’s good method to get lucid dreams since you remember your dream every nite. There’s good magick process going on for lucid dreams. lol. I think there’s a thread where others want to lucid dream. this could be one good technique you found.

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i’ve found that people with obsessive compulsive behaviors tend to sabotage themselves with using hexes and love magick almost involuntarily.

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Ohhh that’s very good to know thanks for the advice!

It seems it backfired, the link was not properly done, the puppet or the photo… what did you use? Best to do now is a cord cutting ritual (a red ribbon.)