Dream Yoga or Lucid Dream

Please Somebody clear my confusion
They say Tibetian Dream Yoga is original form of Lucid Dreaming what does that original form mean?

I don’t understand your question.

“Tibetan Dream Yoga is the original form of Lucid Dreaming,” means that the Tibetan art, being much older than what Westerners call lucid dreaming, is where the concepts and ideas behind it came from. Though what is commonly called lucid dreaming is very different from actual Dream Yoga, it’s foundational ideas are similar.

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I just want to know the difference between Dream Yoga and lucid Dream?

Well, lucid dreaming is simply the art of becoming aware in your dreams. Once you are aware, you can take control and do whatever you want.

Dream yoga, from what the name implies, is an art of specific rituals that goes beyond mere lucid dreaming and into unification with the Divine within the dream state so that the yogi eventually understands that the “real” world and the dream are really one and the same thing, immaterial and unsubstantial, not real at all.


Is Dream yoga more difficult to achieve?


Can you tell me steps?

Steps for Dream Yoga? Sorry, I cannot. It’s an art I know nothing about.

However, there is a book called Dream Yoga by Andrew Holecek that might have more information. The author uses a combination of techniques from the East and the West.

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