Dream With E.A

so i had an afternoon nap and what not today and i had this dream that i was in NYC and i was standing in front of a school. E.A. and i were standing there and he tells me to look up, and i look and in horror i see this cloud. now this was not your usual cloud. this was a DEMON cloud. this cloud was Azazel. E.A said " i have seen this same cloud before". when he said that to me it just sent me over the edge. i literally thought lighting was going to strike us. this cloud looked like a horned man with a skinny face and long chin hair arm extended pointing a finger out and his midsection gradually turning into that of an animal like the classic half man half goat looking creature but sinister. there was no denying that the cloud was that!!! i could not believe the detail of this enormous cloud. and then all of a sudden this old man dressed in a brown type suit, walks toward us and is trying to talk to us but when i look at the old man’s face i see that he is fact is not old and that he has a crappy make up and wig job trying to look old like if we were going to fall for it. like one of those people on these TV shows where they try to set somebody up. i tell E.A. “lets go, dont talk to that man. he isnt really old. hes young. i can see it in his face” so we walk to E.A.'s car which is this white truck and i get in the passenger’s seat and the man is still walking towards the car and then E.A. from the driver’s seat reaches in the back seat (in my head i’m like oh god i hope E.A doesnt give this guy the time of day) and he reaches in a bag and gets the car keys. we get out of there, and we are in the car trying to sort out what we just saw, and he end’s up dropping me off and walking me to my “job” in the dream…Thats basically it…just had to get that out. LOL

Nothing that dramatic, but I had a dream in which E.A., Andrieh Vitimus, and I were in the same elevator. They quizzed me about what I could do, and then suggested sections in their books for me to study.

LOL@ dramatic! i know right???!

Thats a trip because Ive never met EA and Ive had dreams like that too. Same thing-he just points something out or makes a comment that teaches me something, and its nothing unusual too see him, I feel like Ive always known him (in the dream). Funny.

LOL yea its my second dream with him!!!

Ive actually had a few now, but it was in my adolescence when he was just surfacing. He was probably one of my biggest inspirations at the time. I also had some very vivid and strangely sensible dreams about a group of ONA adepts telling me that I was dreaming and that I would receive my instruction from them there in the dreams. That was pretty cool, but I would get frustrated because I couldnt remember the tasks they gave me when I woke up lol.


I haven’t met E.A. neither, but when I begun with the Dark Sun meditation I was constantly seeing him in my meditation and the dream that came right after
it was in a demonic way E.A. but with crazy demonic eyes… then I was kind of afraid for a few days.

I decided then to go with it and see what happened, and it was like I was there watching the Dark Sun, E.A. saying stuff I can’t even remember.

I saw a connection tho, with my own remorses and fears of getting into the LHP and the fear I felt seeing E.A and finnally after I dropped my fears and blocks I felt like “Welcome” in the dream and haven’t dream about him since then. This happened in a period of a week while doing the DS meditation.

Something smilar happened with Belial, the first time I reached out for him it was in the astral, I was in my room and remembered I wanted to met him so I start chanting the Enn and fuck an strong frightening aura apears, like thunders and very fucking scary…

after that I keep on calling him and chaged completely.

perhaps I will evoke E.A. and see what happens lol

Its kind of cool when you read his books you get the vibe of a personal mentor. I forgot to mention too, when The Spider & The Green Butterfly was initially released I fell asleep reading it and had a strange lucid dream in which these four creature looking spirits with different animal heads were dancing around me speaking to me in one riddle in which they all spoke successively like it was a song or something and then one with a long snout and dread locks ended it with something like “to all man down the road” or “all man down the ages” and he blew like he was blowing out a candle and then a powerful wind/wave of energy swept me what felt like thousands of miles acroos some kind of desert and then a whirl of color and back into my body. Pretty wierd lol. It made me wonder about the underlying power though. I was highly lucid so it wasnt just my unconscious processing things. At this point though Ive encountered a few spirits in that manner, so I kind of forgot about that for awhile.

I had a dream I was in this dark alley in a city and this reptillian came out of the shadows with flashing red eyes and said, “I am E.A. Koetting”. I was just stunned speechless! Then he said, “I will eat your children.” I was like “WUTTT???!” Then he flung out his arm and there was this 'twwipp" sound and E.A. went swinging off on a web like Spiderman in between the buildings.

Actually I just made that all up because I’m jealous E.A. doesn’t visit me in my dreams… yet.


I dreamt about E.A twice last week.

I wonder if E.A. is reading this thread right now and thinking “What…the…fuck?” or if people seeing him in dreams is common place to him.

There’s been another thread about this so he’s well aware of it.

I know lol, the poor guys gotta be like what the fuck did I do here hahahaha. It is strange though that so many who dont even know him are having these dreams…

E.A.'s reaction to this topic:

What if it’s EA’s Omnipresent Self that is making contact with those who associate themselves with the Become A Living God project in an effort to disseminate teachings that are pertinent to our individual Ascent? To act like it’s all entirely coincidental that a majority of those who are on this forum dream of EA in some influential way is wishful thinking.

I agree. There is no such thing as coincidence.