Dream with Asmodeus

Hey yall i have a question. First of all i am I am extremely new to this. What i want is to get an ex back. I am working on myself at the moment. I did a sigil woth Asmodeus. The first time i talked to him i didnt know anything about sigils or anything so i just talked to him and made a pact. I felt a great energy that night and couldnt sleep all night. I had a dream today and im pretty sire it was Asmodeus he was walking next to me and then he threw me somewhere and i entered into like a wedding venue with my ex next to me. Anybody have a meaning to this? Should I still talk to asmodeus? Or just leave it alone and let him work


Your vision seems pretty obvious that you will get your ex back and become engaged.


Perhaps you two will get back together soon.

Any status updates ?