Dream walking help

So I have the dream walking book I forgot who it’s by but I been following the instructions. Only issue is people have reported to not remember the dream. Is there anything I can do ahead of the dream walking ritual to help them remember it? Or is there some some other way I can tweak up the dream to where they would remember it. I hear just make the dream itself impactful or something but that’s hardly working. I know I’m making it into there minds because I have have had interesting interactions with some the next morning. Thanks guys. One idea I had was I could ask a spirit to help them remember it but that would seem like something I could do temporarily to help but it feels like that would be a crutch.

The only book on the subject that I know of (there might be something over the past few years since I stopped looking)is by Michelle barranger- or some similar but right spelling.

She tells you all about how she used a partner to practice- as a child- by gazing into their eyes and guessing what the other was thinking in images, and her partner saw the safe spot dream place she created…

I can’t remember but it seems like she one tells you that a partner will help, but two she installed a door in that spot of her safe spot/dream spot and she used it to imagine them standing in the doorway before trying to enter their dreams.

Ideally imop you’d prep the person and work with volunteers or friends that can verify your experience, otherwise your on the same trolly as everyone else trying to verify their dream and astral upg.

I’d even have them read the book themselves unless there was a valid reason for them not-for example this book is dense and has more examples than instructions- I would probably give a summary, talk about how I’ve used it, then ask if they wanted to try it and give instructions if they did.

The author of the is book mentioned that often the ones you dreamwalk to, will have a more vivid memory of the dream than you did because it will stand out from their normal dreams, but if they aren’t a dreamer or a lucid dreamer it might not at all—so once again I’m thinking prep your help.

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Yeah that seems to be their problem to solve. I agree they should read the book and pick up exercises to develop their dream recall.

I like Robert Moss’ Dreamgates book. I have the Michele Belanger book but Moss book has more of a practical how to approach.