Dream Visiting Swan/Spirit?

So, I have a question relating to recent connected events. The rundown:

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For the past three months I’ve been meditating to exercise my clairaudience and wasn’t really hearing much until about two months in. What I’ve gathered the majority of barely distinguishable voices have been from supposedly male entities (alongside varying ringing frequencies, pops, flute/chime/tinkering sounds, rarely subtle messages not belonging to my own mind, and other audible/inaudible phenomenon.) But just about a month ago I started to hear what I’m mostly certain of is a female entities voice (which has been consistent thus far.)

Alongside that voice in the first encounter came an image to me appearing as a tall woman with hooded dark robes with light purple rim. I couldn’t see her face and the image was gone as soon as it came. Now that’s out of the way, let’s come to present events:

These past 2-3 weeks I've been asking for assistance/signs via dreams, and have been accurate. Mind you, in these dreams, the level of frequency in which a single animal (the sign) appears in each dream is something I have NEVER experienced until I've taken interest in the occult. 

Each of these dreams provided messages AFTER a request. They haven’t happened without it until 3 days ago.


I had a dream in which I was peering out of my window and spotted a large white swan that was approaching calmly. As she was coming towards me she slowly began to take form of the purple robed woman, but this time she was a bit shorter and I could see her face. Pale skin and slightly longer than shoulder length curled brown hair. She spotted me in the window and I asked if she was okay through hand gestures. She nodded and I came out to greet her.

There was a great sense of familiarity I had towards and asked if I had seen her somewhere before (not the first encounter during the meditation but somewhere in a past forgotten dream?) She replied with a no but it felt as if she was lying. In the dream I was CERTAIN I had seen her elsewhere. She stated something incoherent and the dream ended.

Question is who is she? I haven’t found much information around the forum on relations to swans besides possibly Lilith and other wives in association. She has been a consideration to call for some personal issues but I’m not certain that she was the entity making contact as she doesn’t totally match some of the descriptions I’ve read about her.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. It’s the one dream perplexing me at the moment :joy: :swan::swan::swan:

I can only think about the myth of Caer Ibormeith for now

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I just remembered when she was speaking to me she had an odd accent. I couldn’t place it exactly but I’ll look through some in a bit

the Graeae, also called the Grey Sisters and the Phorcides.

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Hmm, maybe. She definitely had both of her eyes. Was about the age of a young adult, but I suppose it’s a possibility. Why do you suppose she’d be one of them?

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Quick reaction to seeing swan

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