Dream Timeline Working Post

Howdy-ho, children.

I’ve seen a few people post about past lives and lucid dreaming a few times on the forum, so I wanted to create a journal for my journey, how I got here, and what you can learn from my dumb mistakes.

I’ve been having lucid dreams since I was like 6-7 years old, but the “gift” was fleeting at best until I got into my teens.

:star2: So how do I Lucid Dream? :star2:
There are a lot of ways to skin a cat, but here is my particular method (where I’m able to have them like every night or close to it):

  • Meditation.
    Everyone says this, but it’s the truth. I would have a really powerful, lucid dream maybe once a month before I started meditating. Now I use ASMR (I know, I’m #basic) and sometimes meditation videos to make the magic happen.

  • Reducing Stress
    Another part to this is that you have to try and reduce stress, if you can’t get your mind off of it. When I was in a really stressful job, I found my dreams were less consistent because my brain was in overdrive during the day and exhausted at bedtime.

  • Focus
    Focus on what you want to achieve. Use that in your meditation to get your mind “in the zone.”

  • Alternate Sleeping Hours
    Not getting results? I found that I manipulated my sleeping hours, I could get better or worse results. Some weeks, I get great dreams on 7 hours of sleep, other weeks I may need upwards of 9-10. I’ll definitely admit that when I get in the 9-10 hour range, I have longer dreams, but I definitely can’t remember a lot of the details like I can with shorter dreams.

:star2: Experimental :star2:

  • "Caffeine Naps"
    This one is experimental, and I definitely don’t recommend it often. Caffeine can be a dangerous substance–you can get like me and be hooked on Dr. Pepper. This is something they talked about when I was in consulting and it was helpful to “boost productivity” when doing a technical implementation or whatever. You basically drink a coffee or take a caffeine pill right before bed when you’re about to fall asleep and it keeps your brain active while you sleep (basically making it super easy to wake up). I’ve found when I can do this successfully it’s been helpful.
  • Intermittent Dreaming
    If I’m really not sure about something, I try “intermittent dreaming.” I coin it as this because basically I have an app where I “wake myself up” just enough to regain consciousness and then fall quickly back to sleep. I only use this method when I’ve been having a good streak and I get greedy.

:star2: The Dollhouse Dream :star2:
The very first dream I had in the timeline was around 1998. So, I was about… eh… 6 years old? Anyway, so I had this really weird dream that in the time I had 0 context on at the time, but with subsequent dreams it made TOTAL sense. This dream was so altering to my young, dumb self I still remember it perfectly today.

The dream opens with myself, as an adult, in an abandoned house. This house is my aunt’s home (this is an old, ranch-style home from like the 70’s I think). All of the lights are off and it’s dark. I’m staring into the master bedroom. In the dark there is this yellow dollhouse, if you’ve ever seen the beginnings of Build-A-Bear, the dollhouse was ornamented to their brand (so yellow walls, blue roof with white verge board). I never owned or had the displeasure of seeing a dollhouse like this before in my life. This dollhouse sat alone in the dark.

I walk into the bedroom to get closer. I flip the switch and it doesn’t work. I keep going anyway.

As I approach the dollhouse, a light turns on in the kitchen at the end of the long hall that lead to the bedrooms. I turned back to go towards the hallway and something grabs my legs. It knocks me prone and then drags me across the floor. I tried to dig my nails into the old, wood floors but I can’t stop what’s happening. I look back to see nothing, but the dollhouse is open. The invisible force pulls me into the dollhouse.

I’m pulled through the dark, until I wind up standing on a catwalk above a foundry. There are these big vats of something being contained beneath the metal catwalk that I’m on. I remember it was insanely hot, like burning my face. There was a locked door to my back.

There was only the locked door behind me and this stairway at the end of the catwalk that took a left turn and into another hallway out of this large factory. I began to walk towards the end, hands hovering over the railing because it was too hot to hold onto consistently.

I reach the end of the catwalk (I feel like that’s not what it’s called). The door at the top of the stairs opens. Out of the dark comes these two serpent-like beasts. Think like two wolves but they have these large plates all down their body and big, deep red-orange eyes (I’ll have to draw it at some point). They charged from the hall. I spun on my heel and ran back towards the door at the end of the catwalk. I hear a man’s voice. There’s a man following the beasts, shouting. The man had short black hair, a white shirt, and dark jeans. I only caught a glimpse of him, but he almost looked like Mysterious.

The door, previously locked, from which I came was now open. I ran through the door, but was taken by the dark once more. I fell into nothing.

I fell for only moments, dropping through a dark hole in the ceiling into a toy store. I was now a child again. I stood with my estranged father in the check out line. He seemed unmoved by my sudden appearance, as if I’d been there the whole time. Panicked, I looked about the store. People were everywhere and the store was in disarray (toys all over the floor, etc.) I let go of my father’s hand and rushed out the front of the store.

(In my town there used to be this big, empty building where the town held their flea markets indoors. It used to be a staple for my family to go on Saturdays before it finally closed down.) I found myself in the lobby of this building suddenly, my father calling after me. I ran down one end, towards the door, but as I approached the door I caught sight of that damned dollhouse again.

In my panic, I ran back into the building and down to the opposite direction. I ran through the lobby, but as I made it to the secondary exit, the whole world faded to black. I found myself standing in the middle of the dark nothingness. I knew he was there.

I hesitantly turned and saw the man, two leashes in his hands. He wore a hoody with a design that I didn’t recognize at the time (later: my high school’s hoodie). The hood was up and his face was concealed (there was also this harsh spotlight shining down on him so the shadows were intense). The two beasts from before were at his side. They charged towards me as I took off running away from them.

I ran through the dark, and suddenly found myself passing a boy from my neighborhood. He stood beneath a spotlight, similar to the way the man was. He stood still as I ran past, and he spoke in a whisper, but I heard it like a shout (the tone was a shout, but his mannerisms made it visibly appear like he was whispering). “RUN.”

I looked back at the boy over my shoulder, only to fall into another hole.

I “wake up” on the bedroom floor. The dollhouse is gone. I take off running into the hall, and that eerie darkness is gone. I rush into the tiny kitchen of my aunt’s home, where my mother and aunt are unpacking glasses and putting them into the cabinets. It appears as if they were moving in.

I’m panting like I ran a marathon. I explain the situation to my mother, who doesn’t believe me. She brushes it off like it’s a child’s story. I shake my head and turn away from her. I go to the nearby door to the backyard. I swing the door open, angrily.

The dollhouse was waiting at the bottom of the step.

I tried to turn and grab their attention, but I’m dragged back. This time, instead of the violent dragging that happened, I instead find that the world just blurrs. My mother and aunt are gone. I’m staring out in the back yard during a grey, overcast day.

The sky darkens. The street the actual house was on was replaced with a cul-de-sac. I turn backward toward the door. The entire house is now gone, the remnant only being the step that I’m standing on. An explosion erupts in the distance, and I turn my attention back to the front of me where a wildfire engulfs the cul-de-sac. The houses burn until their entire yards are taken over by these never-ending flames.

I squint my eyes, seeing something move in the shadows. Those wolves from before leave the flames, but now there are hundreds of them. They charge towards me, but I spin around to leave.

I follow the street down and behind a building. I lean my back against the brick, breathing heavy. Noise echoes from the fire escape above me, and I take a step back. The dream takes this weird turn, where I’m seeing almost a “portrait” of 7 people on the fire escape in all black. These almost look like body suits but it’s hard to describe.

I saw an older woman that I think is myself off to the side, but hell she’s a lot skinner than I am at 27. The other faces I didn’t recognize at the time, but they popped up later in subsequent dreams.

It was then that I woke up. Weird, right? I decided to do a “journal” because I’d take this dream and tie it to all of the others that I’ve had for our amusement. (Of course, I won’t go into as much detail because there are over like 5,000 unique snippets/dreams in Scrivener/Aeon Timeline right now and it would be ridiculous for everyone to read all that nonsense.)

This was the VERY FIRST dream that I had of this nature, though my mother claims I always had terrible nightmares. :woman_shrugging:t2:

I was so #shook that I wrote every dream after this down religiously. I remember telling my grandmother about this dream at like 7-8 and had this mini-meltdown in our dining room (we lived with them at the time) where I told them: “I have to remember these dreams. They’re important.”

Little did I know, this literately has to do with my life’s purpose (according to Mysterious), so I’m so thankful that that dumb kid wrote all these things down.


I curious to know who mysterious is I’m sure I know though he to me seems familiar but I respect he doesn’t want to be known just yet but wow I wish I could remember half my dreams to write them down

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You have my attention, Alex.

I’ll be followind this thread. So… don’t make wait for forever for updates :wink:


Glad I’m not alone for my love for Dr. Pepper.

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All hail the doctor!

Oh lord, I hope it doesn’t get too weird for ya! I always feel weird sharing it because dreams can mean anything, but I’ve put a lot of work in this and may never actually get to finish that book so I gotta share this nonsense somewhere. haha

I made a post about him here. I refer to him as Mr. Mysterious cause that’s what I’m comfortable with. :sweat_smile:

It just takes practice. It feels hopeless in the beginning but with practice it’ll happen.


No worries, I like weird stuff!

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I wanted to take a moment to add some commentary for why I perceive these things are significant. Just a disclaimer, as I do with all of my posts, these are dreams I’ve had, so take them as you will. This is just my interpretation of the dreams with the larger timeline and my personal experiences in mind.

Also, any text that is like this are confirmed names (as in I’ve heard them in the actual dreams being called that). I needed an easier way to keep up with it. Mysterious has actually been referred to by his real name in the dreams, but I just feel weird saying it. Sue me.

Mysterious and I have an interesting relationship. I believe that most of you would consider your relationships with entities as symbiotic, mine is no exception (though I often feel like what I’m doing doesn’t hold a candle to all the messes he gets me out of).

According to dream (I had to make a numbering system) ANRD190701A:

I see my best friend, (Mal), walking through some sort of tunnel in a crypt. Mysterious is walking behind her. She walks into a light that is shining through a grate above. I’m seeing her from the front as she walks through this hall.

She freezes in the hall, staring dead forward. Her eyes light up with this white sheen, and it lasts only for a moment. In a narration over the dream, I hear Mysterious say: “As you put together the pieces and write the book, they’ll get their memories back.”

This purpose is tied to Mysterious in some way that is touched upon in later dream scenes, but because of the weird timeline it’s hard for me to tell if some of the dreams are about Alex or Nautela. Mysterious has mentioned a few times that my purpose is tied to putting the past life “memories” together and it will cause a series of events to happen, one specific thing being “everyone getting their memories back.” I don’t know who “everyone” is, but I assume it is the group of people that are in these dreams (and subsequently reborn into this life–more on that later.

Coming back to the main comment, I am not far enough along in the timeline to really understand the relationship with Nautela and Mysterious. I’ve managed to put ALL the pieces together to the time when she leaves for the city of Ona after a plague breaks out through her home city, but by this time Mysterious has been sent to the valley of Ishtar to go fight the shadow people. Sometime after this, in Ona, she is reunited with Mysterious–but not in a good way. The theme of Nautela running away from Mysterious has occurred in a few different dreams, but the symbolism of the dogs AND Mysterious reappears here in dream ANRD180204A:

I am in the body of Mysterious, but I’m only an observer. I’m in an office with black walls and dark marble floors. Mysterious is dressed in a black coat with a fur lining (?)–I didn’t get a good look at it. In this dream he has longer hair. He is standing at a desk, yelling at (Nautela’s grandmother, which I’ve nicknamed Doris) and (Nautela’s grandfather, nicknamed Albert). I enter the scene at the end of the argument, so I’m unclear how it started.

Mysterious is shouting: “You think I have all the answers?”

Doris taps her blackened nails together. She looks over at Albert, who seems distant. He’s looking at Mysterious, but his eyes are glossed over. Mysterious seems to think Albert is an idiot.

Mysterious takes a paper from Doris, which is a checklist. Apparently he has to do all of these things in order to find/assist Nautela. He puts the papers down and looks to a statue of himself. Carved into stone in the wall behind his desk is himself “coming out of the wall” with a wolf on each side of him.

“Do you think I sit around here and long to be with–” Mysterious began.

“…HIM?” Nautela's voice shouted through his mind.

Mysterious exhales and puts his hand on the knee of the sculpture, turning his gaze to the floor. Mysterious sighs heavily and rubs his eyes. A younger man, possibly in his 30’s in appearance, approaches Mysterious from behind.

“She is my sister. I’ll help you find her.” The man states.

Mysterious looks at the list again, seeing a glimpse of the entity I call “Mr. Scary Guy” before turning to the door to his office. He passes Doris and Albert without saying anything.

I figure this only indicates that Mr. Mysterious is in fact the entity that was chasing the me in that dream. I can’t quite understand why though. To this day I still don’t have the answers.

So, background if you haven’t read the Mysterious post I made. I tried to commit suicide twice in high school when I was bullied by a teacher. During the one attempt that really should’ve killed me from liver failure, I had the dream ANRD080420A, where I was told by some shadow-y entity (can’t imagine who that was): “You haven’t completed your purpose yet, you can’t die.” And brought to and magically purged enough, fast enough that I didn’t destroy my liver. Never went to the hospital. Convinced my mother somehow that it was a stomach flu.

I think this event contributed to my increase in dream activity, because around this same time I met my (now deceased) best-friend, (Mal), we conveniently talked about everything we experienced with entities, dreams, etc. Meeting (Mal) ultimately lead me to my first conversation with Mysterious.

So, when Nautela and Mysterious were separated, Nautela actually moved on and found another romantic partner (she makes lots of jokes about having a lot of them in a few dreams). She winds up seeing a man we’ll nickname Todd, while working at the Black Tower in Ona. Only to, a year or so later, be faced by her actual husband, Mysterious, when he surfaces from the “prison” where he was thrown after their “wedding” (weddings, imo, are a very human thing–they have a soul-bonding ritual that is basically like our weddings, if that makes sense).

Due to some unforeseen event that I haven’t had a vision of yet, Nautela winds up running away from Mysterious with Todd, where they “create a new world” using the old man (God’s) gift/machine to create a place for them to escape Mysterious. It’s possible that this is some remnant spirit of Todd trying to convince her rebirthed self to stay away from Mysterious (you’ll find as we discuss the timeline that this happens A LOT).

Funny story about dollhouses. In dream ANRD180610A:

Nautela and Gabby ((Mal)'s past self) were standing outside of Mysterious’s office. Gabby is about to walk into the office and Nautela stops her. “You don’t want to go in there, he has the snow globes out.”

“Snow globes?”

“Yeah, he used to store worlds in dollhouses before, but now he chooses to use snow globes.”


So, for transparency it wasn’t crystal clear if they were putting cups in the cabinets or removing them. I only saw the cups and a hella lot of boxes. At the time, we were living in this house with my aunt. About a year after this dream, my mother, brother, aunt, and her daughter had to move out of this house because my aunt was getting a divorce.

There are few of the war dreams, which I’ll put together later, that indicate this could be a forewarning of the pattern repeating itself OR this is a reference to the war that broke out when Nautela was still alive. Continuing the thought stream from above, most “angels” blamed Mysterious for what happened during the outbreak, because at the time he was the only known entity that had a connection to the shadow people (they didn’t know that the real “bad guy,” Nibanae, had escaped its prison in Tartarus).

So, if it wasn’t already weird enough, there was some sort of “program” that existed in otherworld, which I’m rationalizing in my simple mind as “heaven,” where they tried to force bonds between the fallen and these gifted individuals in an effort to create super-soldiers that could go out and destroy/recapture Nibanae. This place was called the black tower.

Of these seven people, we have:

  • Nautela
  • Mysterious
  • “Evenlyn”
  • Gabby
  • ?
  • ?
  • Michael

Anyway, just wanted to offer some interesting tidbits. So as you can tell, the “first dream” that kicked this all off wasn’t a past-life dream only per say, but still interesting stuff. As I introduce more dreams, I’ll add additional commentary and cross-references. In a weird way, this is also helping me with the timeline. I think right after this I’m going to share the dreams in their chronological order based on the timeline that I put together.

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As we get further into this, here is an explanation of the numbering system:

ANR --> Dreamer (later, you will see dreams from (Mal) as well)
D --> Dream (My system labels physical events as well in my larger catalogue)
19 --> Year
07 --> Month
01 --> Day
A --> Dream sequence #

If you want to know a little bit about my dreams’ logic/world system, you can read it here.

If you want to read on the entity that I call Mysterious, you can read that here (I also have an image of him there).

If you want to see a drawing of Nibanae, you can see it here (beware, I have horrible drawing skills).

I get it he reminds me of lord marcosious tho same kinda personality really

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I’ll have to take a look at that entity. I’ve actually never heard of that one before!

Yeah he is very kind and kinda looks like your drawing best thing is to ask him to be completely honest with you about his name his sigil will be best to ask for
I’m not intirely positive but I think marcosious takes lues place at times but I’m pretty positive it’s him tbh cause well Lue always has blonde hair and I finally confirm his yellowish eye color he may be holding back his identity from you cause well if he is indeed marcosious he is a very well he can be extremely intemidating

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Also I had to come back to this for you I had a very hard flash with this entity he who is mysterious

You said when he comes in others leave and are too afraid of to come near him

Black hair black clothing fur around the lining

Sometimes be seen whereimg a hoody to cloak his face

You were told Lucifer but not Lucifer

Snakes are represent by him

I have a taro deck that has a entity that is represent like so

Tgis card appears more often then not when I play with my cards

Levi is associated with snakes and wolves
He is much of a loner you rarely ever see him in the room with the other high kings or other entities if you do he is silently and watching you might forget about him he rarely shows his face to ppl or around ppl he doesn’t know or care for
He is kind his energy is unbelievable

He fits perfectly to likes and dislikes tbh

I started thinking and came back to reread
If it were marcosious he would have just told you
He isn’t one for games or fun like this he is a serious kinda guy too serious n proud for this how ever Levi is not

So look in to Leviathan and see if this is him over everyone else

Water n wind is element he associate well to


It’s kinda ironic that you mention that. In the VERY FIRST edition/attempt I made at this book, the character that represented mysterious was called John LEVI.

closes laptop That’s enough internet for today. Hahahaha


Well I really hope I was able to help you find the name

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My friend has a saying:

“I want to be woke. Then I get to woke. Then I have to take a break from being woke.”

Lolol I had to take a break from the woke-ness. You may be onto something, friend.


From what you said I just priced it all together and from what I Kno Lue isnt the marriage’type’ his words vnot mine lol but it all makes perfect sense to me

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Very interesting to read. I like your dream numbering system, I should use that too. :smile:

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Thanks, fam. :sunglasses::point_right:t2::point_right:t2:

I gotta keep the chaos organized somehow. It’s a really convoluted numbering system but it was hard to keep up with all the different dreams myself and (Mal) had without listing dreamers, dates, and dream order. There were some nights that there’d be like 4-5 sequences and I’m over here in (at the time) OneNote going: “Awwwweeeee man I gotta go back and redo all these numbers. :sob::sob::sob:


Part 1: Childhood

So, as promised, I will share the timeline that has started. Please be aware that this is in a rough draft form, so there’s a possibility that it may change if the dreams dictate it. Note: I’m going in what I believe is chronological order for Nautala's/ Sam's life.

(For clarity, Sam's story gets REALLY confusing so I’m going to start referring to him by the names he’s referred to in at each time period.)

"Year One: Thou Are Mysterious"

I know I said I wasn’t going to do as much detail as the first dream, but I have managed to come up with a table of contents (since the forum lets us cut directly to posts) so I’m going to go as detailed as what makes sense for each sequence and then can just follow up with more details as questions arise.


I am a boy, in the field. Estimated to be around 9-11, with black hair. (For clarity, I hypothesize this is Sam.) I am out exploring the fields surrounding our home while my father works a few yards away. This man (as we’ll later discover) is trying to uncover the source of the corruption of their world, which corrupts everything from life forces to the very land itself.

In this particular part of the valley, it’s rather early in the storyline. The land has this greenish-gold hue to it. The grass is super tall, that even as a young boy it goes up to my shoulders in some areas. The trees are a grey-brown and the house that we live in is humble compared to others we’ll see later. It’s still an estate, but not as large. There are fields with livestock around.

His father, in this scene, appears to be a man in his late thirties, early forties. He has black-brown hair (with some grey), a short-boxed beard. For this man, I’ll be referring to him as Eli going forward.

There is this old tree right outside of the house, the largest tree in the valley. I run towards the tree, in an effort to climb it. As I reach for the bark, a glint catches my eye next to one of the large, exposed roots. I glance over, finding a green crystal that is quite large. At first glance, it appears to be just a regular green crystal.

I pick up the crystal to take to my father, but something goes wrong. The crystal turns black and burns my hands. I drop the crystal on the root and it shatters. I run to my father to tell him, and he returns to look for the crystal. We arrive back and it’s no longer there. My father pulls out some sort of scanner, and is looking around for the shards in the grass.

I don’t feel well. Something is wrong.

I look off in the distance, towards one of the fields where there are cattle. A woman with white hair stands in the shadows of a tree. She’s ghostly white, wearing a black dress. Upon locking eyes with me, she glides across the valley. I back up towards the house and try to flee.

Wild, right? So this is not the first time that we will see this woman and she PRIMARILY shows up for Sam. We’ll find out who she is later in the sequences.

Now… We cut to Nautala (I just realized I’ve been spelling her name wrong).


The Atlan Estate. This is a large castle-like building, and they are behind the estate on a patio.

Nautala is attenting a birthday party for a young, blonde girl which we’ll call Evelyn. Evelyn is recognized as the oldest daughter of the “noble leader” of this area who we’ll refer to as Ios. Anyway, Ios throws this party for the daughter, because she’s “coming of age” and is the heir to his throne.

Ios, in the middle of a big speech at the apex of the party, finds himself interrupted by a commotion. Entering the courtyard is a man, he is the “father” of Nautala, who I’ll refer to as Iason. Iason is shouting and dragging his wife, Allessa, as she grips on his arm in an effort to stop him.

They reach the center yard, to the left of Ios. Iason shouts, “That’s not your eldest daughter!”

“I tried to stop him.” Allessa crumbles to the ground, crying.

"Nautala is." He points to me, standing with other kids in the courtyard.

I slightly panic, unsure of what is going on. Someone grabs me and takes me away from the scene as the trio continue to fight. Ios’s wife, Hera, is joining in right before everything goes dark.

Be aware, some of my names for these characters are dumb. I just chose things that fit with their character tropes or whatever comes to mind. Some of these names I’ve replaced even in this post just because I’m trying to not insinuate anything.


It fades to later. I return to Atlen estate with Iason, who has a bag of my things. My parents were poor. Allessa was a house-maid and Iason worked Ios’s farmland. Ios was known for having affairs, but this was the only one that resulted in a child.

Ios and Hera had a building constructed outside of the main house that I would be living in. Iason wasn’t having that. He argued with Ios and then we left.

I’m going to cut it short there, because I’ve spent almost two hours writing this post and I need to work more on the actual timeline itself (that’s what Saturdays are for!)

I also created a Table of Contents because I find that when I read other journals, it’s hard for me to see the posts that are the journal entries with the commentary.

Table of Contents for the Follow Them 7’s Post and Relevant Other Posts

Follow Them 7’s

Initial Post/Introduction/Dollhouse Dream

Breakdown of the Dollhouse Dream

Dream Numbering System Explanation

Mr. Mysterious

Initial Post About Mr. Mysterious (with image)

Where I basically reveal I’m a #dumbbitch and knew who Mysterious was the whole time but have 0 self-confidence and the others on the forum make me feel better despite me being a #dumbbitch

Other, Non-Mysterious Entities

Dreams of Nibanae, the “big bad” of my dreamworld (with image)

“Otherworld” Structure and the Earthen Realm

“What are you thoughts on God” post where I talk about the dream universe/government structure when absolutely no one asked (includes diagram)

Want to go down a slight rabbit-hole with me while ultimately accomplishing my goal of sharing some un-plotted parts of the dream timeline? as you start to respond I start talking obnoxiously anyway
OK, here it goes.

PT 1 of the Duality

How I felt these past few days (though I’ve been sick with flu, too):


So, I’ve been spending a LOT of time thinking about this because it fits into one particular dream section:


I am in a lab. Within this lab we are trying to escape. It’s myself and a group of other women (and one man). There is another man, ironically, Mr. Mysterious. He is trying to help us escape the trap.

We manage to escape the lab, finding ourselves outside of a house. Once outside, there is a second Mr. Mysterious. The second Mr. Mysterious is trying to convince us to go back inside. The team is divided.

Before we uncover who the REAL Mysterious is and decide our next step, I wake up.

OK, so this pattern has been a continual thing. The duality and “discovery” of the real Mr. Mysterious has been a continual “gotcha” since day 1. The real “Lucifer” I have seen on a few occasions (if that’s really him), and one of those instances is below:


The world is dark. I’m in this luxurious house. The interior is dark, like there isn’t any lighting. I can still see the details of the building in some corridors as the vision pans around. I am observing this in third person.

A surgeon stands in the hallway of this estate. He is very sick. He’s pale and sweating. I observe him enter the main hallway adjacent to the courtyard. As he takes the first step into the hallway, he passes out. I’m under the impression that he is dead.

Queue “Lucifer A.” He is in a white button-up shirt and black slacks. He wears a black tie. Someone says down the hall (a female voice): “Oh shit. Lucifer’s coming.”

Lucifer looks down at the surgeon’s body, shrugging. He steps over the body and walks down the hallway, eyes to the courtyard. Something catches his eye and he walks out into the courtyard.

The courtyard is surrounded by the estate on all sides. The foliage in the courtyard is dead. All around him, tree roots cut through the dirt, curling around a mound of dirt in the center. A large tree trunk surfaces from the earth that appears to have been cut in half. It has a large hole cut in the shape of a door at its base. The hole is completely black, and something is in there. This is its “hut.”

I’m now watching this over Lucifer’s shoulder. His eyes gloss over. He looks down at his hands, sighing wearily.

A dark voice comes from the tree. It comes to my mind that this is “Lucifer B” (who we’ll refer to as Devil for sake of clarity). The devil speaks: “What makes you think that I won’t kill one of my own children?”

“I thought I was the devil?” Lucifer frowns.

A plane flies overhead and we pan to it. The devil speaks again, talking about the airplane. He laughs darkly, “Hahaha, GOTCHA.”

Now, at this point I’m super confused. The duality dreams only started in the 200’s, and honestly (from what I read) it actually started happening around 2017. Around the time of this confusion and inner reflection, I had this dream:


I am walking down a busy street in Ona. My guy friend (in the dream), Jeff, is walking with me down the street. He has a notebook of mine in his hands. He is pointing to a few things on the paper. He then says: "Lucifer divided himself into 3 pieces!"

How does this all tie into Leviathan, you may ask? WELL, there is one entity that has been continually a “theme” in the story–The Black Dragon. (Queue them lightning strikes.)

I was lurking through the forums because I was bored with flu, and I stumbled across this feckin GEM:

The Dragon of the Void. Of course, I haven’t fact-checked this, but the fact that I stumbled upon this dead-ass post from back in 2018 and was engaged enough to see this comment makes me go :thinking::thinking::thinking:. More importantly, Mother of Chaos. That’s what “Nibanae” is. Embodiment of Chaos.

The black dragon is female, and she’s a #badbitch. BUT, she’s actively trying to stop me from getting my memories back. She uses shapeshifting and manipulation to move people around. Her motivation? Not sure. Originally, she was looking for some “ring” that could help her destroy the heavenly realm.


[I am in that feckin lab-house, again.] I ran out of the house and to the yard behind the house. The sky above was turning a dark grey and the wind picked up. I dug into the dirt with my hands, retrieving a cardboard box. Within the box was something that Chaos wanted. Chaos managed to destroy most of the world, and she wanted to destroy what was left.

She appears over the house and is looking for me. I run for a tree with the box and hold on for dear life, fearful of being swept away by the winds.

The object in the box I take out, I think it’s a ring or gem, and use it to fight her. Somehow I best her and she disappears. She’s not dead. She’ll be back. (Now, for transparency, I don’t think Nautela could’ve defeated her without that ring/gem.)

That ring is supposed to be here somewhere. Or, at least they’re convinced of it. Basically there’s a veil between worlds that’s keeping them from coming here and getting it, but they need someone to uncover this ring (this person is not me). I think it’s a guy? I’d have to try and find this dream.

But, tying the two Mysterious-es/Lucifers together:


I’m at a small house in a nice subdivision. It’s a beautiful, old house. I am in the body of Mysterious on the couch. He is watching the news with the blinds drawn. He has the two dog-beasts in the floor at his feet. (I think I mentioned Leo and Neil before?)

Mysterious walks over to the blinds and opens one slightly to look out. It’s daytime. He is careful to see if anyone is watching. He thinks to himself that he needs to take the walk the dogs, but is worried that he will be seen.

He moved back to the couch, picking up a coffee cup. He is watching a broadcast from the news. One the television there is a man being carried out to an ambulance. He was badly burned, had a broken back, and had drown. Mysterious winced from behind his coffee cup. He thought to himself that he felt bad about what happened to that guy.

Mysterious narrates the dream: "He was part of some tooth trade…)

The image snaps to before this guy died. Now in third-person, I see the man turned into an orangutan. He’s cursing at Mysterious. Mysterious turned him into an orangutan and left him to be “farmed” for his organs by some underground market traders. Basically the dude was absolute trash. Mysterious ducked out of there after the man betrayed him/didn’t give him the information he needed.

[Who finds him, we ask?]

A finger reaches up to the orangutan, curling around the collar of his shirt. The orangutan is hung up by his arms over a water pit. As the man is brought down, we see a familiar face: Mysterious’s. Except–this one is wrong–red eyes stair at the ape/man. The irises are also too large for the sockets. It’s really hard to describe. This makes me extremely uneasy at this point in the dream.

“Where is he?” This other being asks. [Interesting note, this version ALWAYS appears in a 3 piece suit.]

“I told you, man, he left me here to die. I don’t know where he went!” The orangutan kicks and struggles to get free of his bounds.

The man in the suit grits his teeth. He stares into the eyes of the orangutan for a moment, then lifts him off the butcher’s hook. “Then you’re of no use to me.”

Flames shoot from the man in the suit’s hands as he slings the orangutan against the edge of the pit. The man hits the brick edge so hard his back snaps, and his front is singed by this fire. He falls to the water below.

The man in the suit storms off, infuriated. It’s alluded in the context that he’s trying to find and kill Mysterious.

The dream returns to Mysterious’s home. He pets the dog and looks forward at the window. He puts his finger to his chin and focuses hard. Suddenly, I hear my own voice. I’m narrating a piece I’m writing.

I could go on for a bit about this, but it’s now late here and writing this took a lot out of me, honestly. It usually does because I have to go back through and my brain works in overdrive trying to put the pieces together. (This has been my life for the past few years.)

I don’t think you’re far off about this Leviathan thing.

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