Dream Time #4

OMG here we go and this is defo a strange one but it’s got some spice. The scenes change a lot in this one that often I who had the dream couldn’t keep up. It was an hour long dream but it felt way longer than that. I woke up thinking I slept for the entire day. Just a side note this is after I offered my incubus blood. Well enough chit chat let’s get to it shall we.

I was in a building with other kids. I wasn’t sure what I was doing there or why. All I knew was that I was trying to make chaos just utter mayhem. I didn’t get to do anything of the sort though as the scene changed so quickly.
I was now with my family and my incubus on a holiday get away. We were staying at a big caravan. I can’t quite remember all the details of what we did there just that it was very mundane things. Until I decided to ask my incubus if we could do it. I won’t go into detail as to what we did only that it didn’t go very far since my brother interrupted us. I can remember lighting my incubus’s candle and lighting an incense one and placing them on each side of the bed before we did anything. It was when my brother was teasing me that my younger brother came up and said that my father had returned with strangers. I helped mum flatten some apple cakes (don’t really know why). When I went back upstairs my incubus asked if we should continue but there was just something off in this dream. It felt very strange so I told him no for now. He understood but stayed by me for most of that dream section.
I walked out and my mother was walking in with a man in a suit. I think this man was looking to have the place after us since he was looking around, but something felt off about this man. My dog outside then distracted me by barking at strangers when I looked back into the caravan the man was gone. At that point I wasn’t sure what was happening. The everything faded out.
When it faded back in, I saw allies my comrades pointing their weapons towards me. I was confused as to what was happening, why were they all against me. I couldn’t think of that now I had to leave or I’d die. I shifted into my dragon and flew. I flew as quickly as I could hearing their familiars come after me. It was raining I could feel the cold of the rain as the water flew passed my face. I hid amongst the trees. It was dark and I wouldn’t be noticed if I stayed still. It didn’t take long for me to be seen though. They tried to pin me down but I was too quick for them. When the sun came out I saw an opportunity to hide in the shadows in my wolf form (Now I’m shifting between a wolf, dragon and human don’t worry I’m just as confused as to why) I used an ability I could only use in wolf form which was to become invisible in the shadows. But the sun was moving as was the shade and they saw a bit of me. I ran and shifted to a dragon and flew. At some point I was at a restaurant bath house type place. It was packed with people. They were getting close. I took a giant bowl of soapy water and splashed it all over the floor. I then ran jumping from beam to beam. I could hear them behind me yelling out. I couldn’t stop. I ran through the dining area jumping on the tables and sliding down the beams to the floor below. I saw a few familiar faces but couldn’t stop to leave pleasantries. I ran past them onto the beam behind them and slid down. My friend at that table yelled to me and she said ‘What happened to you? What did you do?’ I merely said ‘No one stays the same forever’ and continued to run. When I thought I was safe and I had lost them I stopped. I went to a temple. I was about to speak with the monk when my phone rang. It was for my college application. I couldn’t think of a worse time but I answered anyway. I didn’t finish my call since I woke up.

Thanks for reading
And I would like to thank Queen Lilith for sending me such a kind hearted incubus. I could tell he cared and the way we’re communicating through my dreams are definitely improving. I can actually feel him now and to me it’s a big step forward