Dream Time #2

Here we go again
This might be a long one so bare with me
There are 3 parts to this particular dream so I’ll talk bout it one at a time

So part 1 I guess
I’m heading to a convention of some kind. I was discussing with my mother what transport I’d be taking to get there. We agreed I’d take her car. I arrived quite early. I got my stuff out and went in. When I entered the main hall I saw a few familiar faces. My friends from back in college. I greeted them and it was like we didn’t miss out on anything. After awhile I went back outside forgetting something. I didn’t go back to the car, instead I walked aimlessly towards a large fountain. It was a beautifully built fountain, one I had never seen before. I sat on the edge and looked into the water, at my own reflection. That’s when a cheeky little koi popped it’s head out at me. I was so startled that I fell down. I wondered for a moment why I was even there. As I started to walk away the water behind me started to rise. It rose above my head and crashed down at me. I tried to get my bearings to be able to swim to where ever the surface was, I got some help from the koi in the water and it was as if they wanted me to swim with them.

I’m not sure how it ended but the scene changed so here is part 2 it’s a little shorter than part 1
I’m in a hotel room with my family. We were talking about where we should eat. One of my siblings suggested we walk outside and see what eating places peaks our interest. We agreed and started to get ready to head out. Once on the streets we walked for quite awhile. Instead of finding somewhere to eat we found a laser tag place. We all got in line and that’s when I realised I had forgotten something in the hotel room. I can’t remember what it is. I told my parents and it seemed like it was an urgent thing and I needed it with me. My father told me he’d take me back and we’d get it whatever it was.

And finally part 3 this one I think is pretty straight forward for me to remember. It was cut short though cause time to wake up.
So I was in my room getting ready. I was wearing a beautiful gown and dawned my tiara. I headed to the garden where me and my parents would be having a relaxing tea. We sat silently until my mother spoke. She talked about having me marry someone. Someone I have never met. I was so shocked. I couldn’t believe she would do such a thing. I stormed out not wanting to hear another word. I was contemplating leaving the palace and finding somewhere else to stay somewhere I could be free. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. I ended up waiting until the date my parents had arranged for me to meet the man. I never saw him.

Now I would have loved to see what my incubus would’ve turned up looking like if he was going to be cheeky and be the man I’m going to marry in that dream but oh well. It might not have been him either but I can only ‘dream’ :3
Thanks for reading this far I know it’s a long one but I hope it’s interesting enough for your quarantine
Stay safe guys

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