Dream symbols

Hey everyone,

So for starters, restful sleep isn’t really a thing for me. I’m mostly lucid and receiving or processing stuff all night but with zero control of the flow of blah blahs going on in my head.
Last night these symbols kept dancing around in my brain, they emerged glowing red out of black smoke and would slowly spin around counterclockwise over and over again, but they always emerged vertically. They are all similar yet distinct.

The main thing I noticed is that two of them look like Ingwaz, but with a trident at each end, or a line straight through, that one feels like a combination of Algiz and Ingwaz but I feel like I’m missing something else in the mix there. The more rounded one looks more like how we represent DNA, which I have always found ironic considering how closely it resembles Ingwaz. The last one, the two ovals with a line down the middle, feels like completion.

Any thoughts?

Best Wishes,
:rose: Jezebelle :rose:

It occurs to be the also kind of look like the top one morphing into the bottom, telling a story as it goes.

Gebo, Inguz and kennaz - the gift of growth of/and esoteric knowledge?
Then Tyr appears, and moves it to completion. But there’s fear as well, in algiz.

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They came in the order of top left - bottom left - top right - bottom right.

Hmm reminds me of chemistry class… Nuerons maybe?

I realize this isn’t helpful but the point is: maybe think outside of the box? Sometimes the least likely occurrence is actually a better fit?

They remind me of runes… Maybe you can try searching that? :thinking:

I drew that one a few nights back “Ingwaz”.

The one just to the right, looks like the triple moon goddess.

And the last one reminds me of a symbol. (This one)

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The last one, I know it’s not the same as you have drawn, but thought I’d share it anyway. Might help.

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Found that symbol, it’s a bindrune according to this site.


If you want to have a look it’s here.

The symbols seem to have a connection to Baphomet :heart:

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I make bindrunes. It’s the place in the progression that made me feel like there was something I was missing.

That’ll be figured out in time.

You’ve worked with Baphomet?