Dream sex - are we banging each other? :D

Ok ,getting a lot of sexy dreams recently… I think the mucuna pruriens helps but cant help its something else as … well… the have almost mystical qualities each time.

If you’ve had a lucid dream let everyone know

So far this week ive had a slim sexy brunette, very dark hair, very randy and up for anything anywhere… i met her a month before in dreams… keeps coming back

One left me for what seems to be a tall slim male, he was silent, but she left my insides to go to another and leave me alone for good. She was apprehensive to go

Another night this week a short plump girl big boobs, kept following me around the crowd
Also two others that night again a slim brunette, one with a short bob, another long brown hair slim body

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Have you summoned any demons for pleasure if not you may just be dreaming of future and past lovers or if it was unpleasant it was an attack on you. I too have these dreams and often ask what they may mean in astral or if I need to shield myself more and protect myself . Just my opinion but meditate on this and make sure there is no underlying meaning other than that perhaps your manifesting what you truly desire?