Dream of the mistress of the forest

Hi everyone!

Today I had an interesting dream. A tall woman came to my house and spoke to me with something. Someone told me that she is the mistress of the forest, and this was clearly repeated several times. We, continuing to speak, left the house and headed out of the dense and snowy forest. We walked along the edge of the forest communicating and from the whole conversation I remembered that I had to leave someone.

After waking up, I decided to search for information about this creature and found the following:

Shumska Maiska - in the mythology of the South Slavs, this is the name of the Mistress of the Forest. She was represented as a young long-haired beauty, naked or in white robes, appearing after midnight. Singing voluptuous songs, she lures men into the forest thicket, to the watermills, where she makes love with them. It protects newborns, treats infertility with medicinal herbs. According to other beliefs, Shumska Mike is an ugly toothless old woman who can turn into animals, pets, and various objects. She is malicious, attacks babies, sends diseases and damage.

What do you think this dream could mean?

Has anyone worked with the mistress of the forest or similar entities?

Thanks in advance for your answers!

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This sounds like a dryad or a druid.

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Yes, they are definitely similar.

Well, as an analogue to the mistress of the forest, only Baba Yaga can be. I have not found any more similar creatures.

I have never worked with the deities and spirits of the South Slavs. Therefore, I wonder why it was the mistress of the forest that appeared in my dream.

Sometimes the gods and goddesses dont get called, they call. She perhaps wants to work with you or maybe she feels that she can help you in a situation. She can probably change shape (like any deity) thats why they said she was beautiful but also ugly. My best advice would be to call her, and see what she wanted. of course make sure its not a parasite trying to lure you in.


Perhaps she found you interesting and wanted to make love with you in the forrest. If she let you leave . Maybe she just liked you . And since she found you in your dream realm . You could probably find her by astral projection

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Yes, it would be interesting to talk. Perhaps this spirit came to me in a dream after meditation, where I saw something like the world tree (so at least it seemed to me). I have questions about the nature of my spirit, but I worked with King Paimon on that.

This thought slipped through my mind) But I have certain obligations in this regard to some spirits, so such a contact is unlikely to occur. Maybe that’s why this spirit told me to leave someone, meaning to forget my obligations.

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