Dream of killing a fly-man

I had a very long and weird dream yesterday that just won’t leave my mind.
To spare you the details, I’ll just skip to the most important part of it.

I was in my house when I spotted 3 intruders, and of course, my first dream reaction is to fight and try to kill them. All is well, I manage to kill 2 of them without any injuries on me, and then the third one comes in.

He is a man with the head of a fly, and just as we struggle in fight, I notice another tall and dark silhouette sitting in the room, standing up next to my mom, both of them watching us fight.
I initially thought the dark silhouette was my actual father (it had a father-like feel to it), but then the feeling faded away, and he became just another spectator.

Meanwhile the fight with the fly-man is getting rough. Somehow a bear skin together with claws gets put on top of me, which helps with the fighting (this is the second dream when I’m wearing bear fur)
We’re both on the floor with the knives in each other’s throats and I keep telepathically telling the silhouette to come and help me, but he’s not budging.
As I see the fly-man is getting ready to push the knife deeper and end me, I start talking with him, bullshitting him like
“If you kill me, you’ll bleed out anyway. If you spare me I can heal you.”
The flyman takes the bait, and in his moment of weakness I kill him.

I don’t know, I figured I’d ask what your opinion is.
I’m also wondering, could the silhouette be Belial? He’s manifested himself to me as a dark tall silhouette before, when I was having sleep paralysis, and I called for him.
Perhaps this time he was like “I’m not helping you, let’s see what you can do on your own.”

hm… cool in a way… maybe you’d start working more with your animal self?
the rest you seen to know what’s about…

I think you identified him and accurately interpreted his response. This was your trial and you passed.

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