Dream Journal

So, I decided to create this journal so that, firstly, not to confuse it with my main topic, devoted to meditative experience and communication with various entities. Secondly, it will be a kind of observation of what signs, meanings, knowledge can be transmitted by spirits or my higher self through dreams.

Perhaps dreams can become an “indicator” of my progress in magical work, perhaps this will only be the area that will give an opportunity to analyze and fix symbols and knowledge that are significant only for me personally, which is also important.

I will not get ahead of myself and say something definite. Anything clearer and more detailed can only be said much later.



So, earlier I had a dream connected with djinns and today I dreamed something similar. And this time I met one djinn. I don’t really remember the first episode of the meeting, but I remember the second much better. I was in the assembly hall with some people (there were 5-7 people). They were waiting for something and it seemed that this event was somehow connected with the child of one of those present in the hall.

The wait dragged on and I began to explore the surrounding space. Walking around the hall, I found a small pebble near the stage. Suddenly, a man appeared near me and said that the appearance of such stones marks the arrival of the djinn. Indeed, a few moments later I saw the genie. He stood opposite me, apparently dressed in oriental clothes (I don’t remember exactly). His skin was blue-gray.

Suddenly, I also saw myself in an oriental type cape and in the form of Attakeria. We began to speak with him in a language that I did not know. After that, for some reason, we started dancing in a dance very reminiscent of the dance of dervishes. After completing the dance, I found myself sitting on a chair. Djinn disappeared. Suddenly I began to say some predictive words about a child - a girl. Something about her birth.

Then I seemed to wake up. It turned out that in my sleep I was in a kind of trance. Perhaps this trance provoked the dance. Apparently the trance provoked a kind of predictive state.

With this the dream ended.



I had a very strange dream today. At first, I saw myself near my parents’ house, where I spent the first years of my life. I was with my colleague and suddenly we found a bag in the yard with bay leaves. Seeing this package, my colleague said that it was a “porobka”.

It is worth saying that in Ukraine, a “porobka” can be called some thing, on which a curse is imposed, or damage or a love spell, and then this thing give to the victim. If a person touches this thing, or picks it up, then the force of “porobka” begins to act on him. The best way to get rid of the “porobka” is to burn it. This practice is widespread, mainly in villages (my family came across this once).

So, my colleague said that this is a “porobka” and that we need to get rid of it. Suddenly she felt sick and disappeared. Then, one by one, two more of my colleagues appeared, who also saw this “porobka”. One of them began hallucinations, and the other began to bleed. They also disappeared. Then my mother suddenly appeared, who said that she would go for a shovel to take the “porobka” into the forest. I agreed with her and said that “let these leaves burn in a flame.”

Suddenly I felt bad. It was as if my mind began to cloud and see double in my eyes. I was getting worse every moment, but suddenly King Paimon and Orobas appeared. I vaguely remember what I asked them, but it seems that it was a request to help protect my mind from the influence of “porobka”. And I seemed to have visually seen how they “restrain” the force that was in this bag with laurel leaves. I felt better, my consciousness was restored and the dream ended there.


It was a very curious dream, as it was directly related to Attakeria. I was in some palace of a very important and titled person. I knew that in the secret room, together with the other participants, they seemed to be engaged in goetic practices - they summoned many spirits from Goetia.

I didn’t see this room, I only heard voices, so I started looking for it. In search, I went out into the corridor, which contained many boxes. Each of them was signed with a demonic name. Suddenly I found a box dedicated to King Paimon and began to sort through it. It contained all the information that concerned him: books, Notes, articles, etc.

Suddenly, I understood how I could go to the secret room and said aloud something like: “The king brought the crown” or “The king laid the crown.” After that, a secret door opened in front of me, which was hidden behind a colored panel.

I entered it and found myself in the hall, where there was a huge round table. There were many people in the room - men and women. The air itself was saturated to the limit with Goetic energy, and the most varied.

And then the following happened. It was as if Attakeria had awakened in me in response to these energies. I began to speak again in an incomprehensible language and began levitating. People around me began to write down my words, which they then transformed into a sigil. Someone in the audience noticed that I spoke Aramaic. The last word, which I said very clearly and distinctly, was “Attakeria” (apparently, the information I said concerned only Attakeria).

After that, people around began to work on the sigil formed from my words. These were two circles, inscribed one into the other, but between them there were various symbols. In the center of the inner circle, the researchers tried to depict either the head of a mouse or a rat, until I said that the sigil of Attakeria must be located here. However, there was something else in the inner circle on the right side. It seems to me that these were three triangles connected to one another.

I will try to draw this sigil and I think this dream is connected with my desire to study the aspect of Attakeria associated with the “heart of water” and his middle name Amarhaba.

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