Dream Journal

Last night’s dream was weird, the dream started off that I had a big nail stuck in my left foot. Like I had accidentally stepped on a nail. (Not small nail, like a big construction one). I eventually went to a doctor, and pulled it out - which ended the dream with me having now a hole in the sole of my foot (I believe my left foot).

Actually felt slight pain within dream when nail came out

Fast forward to part 2 of last night’s dreams. These were alittle more emotionally charged. A family member was having a melt down and I had been wounded/beat up by I think them/in general. My upper torso/chest had a big hole gashed into it…so I could seen my muscles/organs and dead skin around the gash. And I had bruises on my chest. The crisis of the dream was dealt with but for some reason I kept the wounds…

The second dream I know was referring to family issues, and a family member’s mental health. As well as how she/it is affecting me/rest of family. First dream not sure. It must have been pretty emotional because I actually woke up with a tear or two coming from my eyes (I don’t cry in my sleep).

I did have a part 3 dream but that one I feel isn’t as important to note as the first two. Since I already figured out the meaning pretty well.

Note: I did sleep with Lady Liliths Sigil under/in my pillow last night

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