Dream involving Lucifer and Clauneck?

I’ve been working with Lucifer but never Clauneck. The other day I saw a picture of clauneck on a tarot deck and later that night had a dream where a girl and I were arguing over who’s at the top of the demon hierarchy. I kept saying it was lucifer, and she kept saying it was clauneck. Then a voice told me lucifer being at the top is your truth, clauneck being at the top is her truth. I’m not sure what this means or if lucifer is telling me to look into also working with Clauneck. Does anyone have experience working with him or an opinion on what this dream was trying to tell me?


part of me thinks lucifer is urging me to also work with clauneck because my relationship with money is very toxic/flawed

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It seems to me the real lesson is that the entity that you are closest with is the hierarchy internally